It seems a disproportionate number of woman get dumped by their partners. Why is that?

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    The women that I have known who have been dumped have had more on their plates than their male counterparts.  They had little to no free time.  Not a minute to spare.  Their male counterparts had time to think about greener grass, later models and various indescretions.

    The women I have known who have dumped their husbands .... all but two did the dumping because their husbands were just not all that or worse.  (The other two had far too much free time and looked on the other side of the fence... at the pine trees and grass and wallets).

    ed shank

    Although I'm not in total agreement with you, I do see the point. From what I see nowadays men don't have the time to screw around as was not the case years ago (my generation), they have two and three jobs just to make ends meet. Harder to be a pig today. But the men seem to be the ones calling it quits. Woman seem to have gone through a sexual liberation in the last few years, and have become more promiscuous. Remember this next comment is coming from a man. Some women let themselves go, they no longer feel that looking good for the old man is necessary. Wrong, men are visual creatures, their put off by wives who have fallen into this mindset. Many men are guilty of this as well. Men are more vain than women, they will stand in front of the mirror longer.

    I understand what you are saying... it's an after the second baby thing.
    You are also right about that mirror ... I go, I check, make sure all is in place... how does the junk in the trunk look (Do these pants make me look fat?) and away I go... I don't have a lot of free time to ponder.
    Maybe the men nowadays are just too tired and it's easier with less baggage.
    Curious ... it's time for a survey.

    ""New trade in...


    Oh, shucks.Sorry Ya don't like her.

    I think women lose their husbands to infidelity most often because the husband feels somehow he is not "good enough" for his wife.  You know that old "joke" about how a woman marries a guy and tries to change him?  There is often a sense of disappointment, disillusionment, and nonacceptance of who the guy really is.  The prince on the white horse is just a regular serf. Some women are vocal about this, others are distant physically, emotionally, psychologically...   Lack of support, communication, affection, understanding...abundance of criticism. Throw in a job for the Mrs. and a couple of children who get a good portion of time and attention, and you have a guy wondering what happened!
    He meets someone "wherever", who isn't involved in the day-to-day. Just like the Mrs., she finds him attractive, interesting, funny, affectionate, generous, sexy, blah blah blah.  To assuage his sagging self-esteem, and because it just feels GOOD to be in the company of someone who "appreciates" all he has to offer... 
    Then you have the men who are just incapable of monogamy. To hell with them. 

    ed shank

    If I didn't know better I'd say your comment was spoken like a true male. Some men are whores.

    If I figured this out, you'd think I could handle a relationship successfully some where down the road. :D

    No, Umbriel. I gave a scenario, but the REASON for the infidelity was "To assuage his sagging self-esteem, and because it just feels GOOD to be in the company of someone who 'appreciates' all he has to offer." That isn't justification; it's an excuse.
    The first group is pathetic. The second is despicable.
    Please don't, not for one minute, presume that I would offer justification for infidelity. From my experiences, there is none.

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