Do you regularly clean the lint filter in your clothes dryer.

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    Yes. Every time I use it. Not to do so creates a fire hazard.

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    Yes, I clean my filter after every load of laundry.......

    Filterers should be cleaned after every full cycle use especialy if situated in door of dryer

    Yes I do.  ... and the one leading to the great outdoors.  If that one is plugged up the dryer won't work and too much lint can cause a fire.

    No but now that you mention it i think i should, i believe it can cause a fire as well as burn up electricity..


    and cause your dryer to work inefficiently. mine was so full i had to take the back off to get all the lint out. how it got there, i dont know. my dryer worked so good after that it was amazing;

    Of course. That is common sense


    I think Sawali was asking those w/o common sense...{:D

    Every day I check it and if it needs it, it's cleaned.


    Just like my bed sheets, once a year whether they need it or


    Not me . I have to go to laundromat to do laundry! Our septic system can  not handle all the water from a washer.


    That's a total bummer. I hated going to the laundromat.

    yes.. and we save the lint in a ziplock bag for fire starter when we camp of make a fire outside.


    That is a great idea! thanks Jenn!

    More often than I check for lint in my bellybutton!


    nice but surprised coming from you 'the belly..'part.

    Oh, yes, sawali. I am most self-conscious of it.

    I don't own a clothes dryer, but I do know that you need to clean them out after every load.

    Yes, you always clean the lint filter after every load.

    Yes I do, after every load. I also clean the shutter where the hot air exits the vent. Poor air flow = poor drying.

    No I wait until the damn house burns down and let the Fire Marshall do it.

    every time. thank you.

    yes I do but I rarely use the dryer as its exspencive to run due to the high electricty bills and also I belive in trying to help the enviroment!


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    doolittle thank you I am glad someone is on the same hym sheet as me thanks again xxxx

    We dry our clothes in fresh air on a rope in the garden, but I understand that in the USA these are considered as ' flags of poverty '. In Oz, most people have a device in their yard called a ' Hills Hoist' to dry their laundy. An export opportunity perhaps?


    nothing better than fresh air and dried in sun. It is very healthy.

    My mom had a clothesline for years when we were growing up. It is something I would certainly use. I hang everything to dry unless I am overwhelmed with towels, sheets, and blankets. Yes, a "hills hoist" would be welcomed by me.

    I don't know about poverty...I don't have the space for a clothes line at my apt...and when I visit Doolittle's menagerie of animals...well the goats have eaten my clothes LOL

    Yes! Doolittle's are a bit fire-phobic

    I dont have clothes dryer, either put them on clothes line in garden, or on clothes stands indoors, during bad weather. To make sure they are dry, put them on radiator .

    To answer truthfully to your question.......No i don't clean it every time i use the dryer,maybe every 2nd or 3rd time.

    Yessssssssss   you   clean it out.............If that is tooooo much work , come up with a self cleaning way  for everyone.............

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