Congratulations Eggie!!!! 200K

    Thanks for the memories!  And the hilarities!

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    Keep it up eggy, look forward to your wee pictures, may they be neverending...KOTF.

    I wish I could double up on the TU's for all your pictures... You deserve every point you've earned...!

    Congratulations eggy and eggie too!  Thatsa lotta typin'.    :)

    Thank you, you're all such fun and if you're not, I tease you!


    yes you do..

    Congrats, Eggie I must warn you I have to report this to the Mothership...

    Thanks Leeroy, I'm beaming up.


    Eggy , I love your scrambled sense of humor. I crack a smile everytime I see your posts. Thanks for giving me a serving of sunny side up daily.


    Hey CB, you see big winter storm coming , lots of snow

    Congratulation Eggy! Keep those pictures coming.

    I agree with jharlan all the best love your pictures.

    Same here, hearty congratulations, and look forward to the next 200K 's worth of answers

    Well, congratulations Eggie! That's a lot of karma points! Good job!



    Well aint that special!!!!! LOL.. Eggie is egg-celent!

     BOO YA.........Excellent work eggie....congratulations..


    Well Done Eggie congratulations and keep those pics coming and of course you know that grey cat (british Blue)is my favourite he looks exactly like my Oscar well done again sweetheart xxxxx

    Close but no cigar, not yet. Keep frying, you are almost there...

    yippy and yay.....thats the way......!!!


    Hey, where did you get that "yippy ?"

    it would have sounded kinda funny if I just said "and yay....thats the way"

    Two yippy's and only one space for a best answer... le' poop!

    200K .......So you can count!      Congratulations.......KEEP IT COMMING !! :D

    WHOOPS.  Didn't see this accolade until after posting one of my own, eggplant!  You get 2 for 200K!  CONGRATULATIONS

    You give me the #$@$%^&$, seriously Egg congrates on the 200 Gs, those animations paid off, say hello to the chooks (you still have them?)


    ****** :D :D :D *******

    Good Going, Eggplant! Keep on rolling!

    Congratulations, Eggplant.  Well done!

    I like the things you say and you make me laugh. Thanks eggplant. 

    Eggie!!!!!!!!! COOL BEANS and GROOVY !!!!!!

    Congrats eggplant.  Whether fried, scrambled or over easy ( whoops) you're the best.  And funny too.



    Just noticed you passed the 200K milestone. Kudos! Get another 100K soon!!!


    I was wondering what you meant by "close but now cigar"... I went back and checked her numbers twice... Now it makes better sense :D.


    You've hit the big time!!!   "Celebrate,..celebrate, to the music...."  Good going, eggplant!

    Pretty darn good for an almost 112 year young lady... :)

    PS According to your profile

    Congratulation Eggplaoont! on your 200,000 do make me laugh, keep up the good work!

    Congratulations eggplant, love your sense of humour.

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