what kind of snake is black with red ring around neck

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    Is that snake found mainly in the south?

    If it is, then it would be the nonpoisonous ring neck snake




    The Northern Ringneck Snake is a smallish snake, only growing up to two feet long. It is bluish-black in color, with a yellow or red ring around its neck, and a matching belly. This snake has a large, flat head.

    Northern Ringneck Snakes live just about anywhere, including forests, grassy places, and streamsides.

    They usually hide under logs, rocks, leaf litter, or matted plants.

    They are nocturnal, so they are mostly seen at night.

    There is a small snake called a ringneck. They are not poisonous and are an endangered species. There is a black variety with a red ring, and a tan/grey variety with an orange/yellow ring. They have colorful bellies, and are pretty docile. A full grown ringneck will be able to curl up and fit entirely in your hand. You can find them in several areas of the United States, including Florida. See the related links below for some pictures.

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