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    how does it compare with norton?

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    The good: Vipre combines antivirus and antispyware in one engine; offers secure deletion of files and browsing history; exposes hidden processes running on your computer; fully functional, 15-day, free trial.

    The bad: Vipre does not yet include firewall protection.

    The bottom line: Vipre combines antivirus and antispyware technology in a fast and light application that also includes a worthy set of security tools. 



    While Norton is still behind the pack in overall usability and seamless integration, their core antivirus protection has certainly improved this year. And all of the major testing labs agree. 

    On the strong side, Norton caught most of the real-time, zero-day threats during testing, but missed a few critical warnings from time to time. 

    Another strong side is Norton's ability to effectively remove stubborn, embedded viruses. Not always an easy task. 

    The user interface is better this year, but still too disjointed for us. There are a few different screens to navigate through that each have different looking switches, buttons, and links. A more unified and uniform user interface would have been much more effective. 

    Resource usage is average, but far better than previous years. 

    Add a few decent extra features like Email and IM Protection, and Norton AntiVirus gains some respect from us this year. 

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