what do I need to start home schooling my 3rd grader

    where do i fing out how to get started teaching my 3rd grader at home

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    First and formost    PATIENCE!

    I home schooled my daughters for a few years my youngest was in 2nd grade with dyslexia  and my oldest was in the 5th grade.

    Depending on who you are going through and what state you're in and if your child has any learning disabilities or emotional disabilties. 

    Starting with the disabilities :Make sure you have a 504 or an IEP BEFORE you start. These will insure your childs rights to F.A.P.E (Free Appropriate Public Education) through the No Child Left Behind Act. You can find more information through your states Department of Education.

    If you go through your public school they will provide you with all the materials you need. Any thing you buy incuding computers ,paper, pens, Trips you take (as long your kid right a report about it) is tax deductable.

    i guess start makeing friend and have supplile for school i will show off like a phone to school and have friend

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