Who are we? What are we doing in this world?

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    We are here to learn, help, create, decide,experience something that the soul within is not capable of without the human experience.


    Wow ! How succinct but poignant....

    It's all about the journey.  We are here because someone has to take the gig... This planet because there is no room anywhere else.  Jasper Kola 417 is way way full and so are all the rest.  We, my friend, are the one's that didn't fit in any where else.

    Whose "we" & how the heck did you include me without asking? I'm just visiting this world & boy do I need a tour guide !!!!


    Get your self on the Shrimp-o-nator 3000. The tour guide is the bomb!

    Excellent! What is the best way to get there from...right here?

    We are here because God was lonely. We are His entertainment. 

    We are all gods creation, we are all her to serve him , all in differant ways.

    We are a created higher form of life with a limited species time span.   In the mean time we seem to be digesting everything the planet has  to offer

    We are "Humans .Thats a laugh for a start .To love help others?? "What are we doing in this "world " .I would say not a very good .With fighting killing no respect for "life" .Answer! Hmmm.Answer me lord above "just what sins have "You" been guilty off ??

    To either help, entertain others or get out the way of the ones that will help.


    I think that I just want to entertain. :)

    Not sure who we are, but it is a gift that we got to spend some time on this planet.  Better enjoy it, it's short, or long depending on who you are spending it with.

    Depends on your point of view.  MY point of view is that we are all children of God, and we are on earth to glorify Him, love Him, and serve Him. This is accomplished in a myriad of ways.

    ""I always wondered why I was here. Now I know what I  was born to do.... I'm sure you can guess...


    Isn't that thing cleaned out yet?

    We are humans. We are living our lives.

    We are chosen by God grace,and not of our own will,so we can learn from each other how to become Son's of GOD!

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