What does obama mean

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    "crooked" or "slightly bent"

    I didn't make this one up.


    I see!

    It didn't mention that ... excellent point Moon Man ... or not so depending on where your mind is.
    Get your mind out of there!

    Obama means to take over this country and rule like a tyrannical king. He just passed a law that American people can be arrested at any time for no good reason and held without trial indefinitely.  

    National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) 

     President Obama signs the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA),  it will now be legal for American citizens to be arrested on United States soil, and be held indefinitely without trial.  

     it is a serious threat to the Bill of Rights and the rule of law within this country. It seriously undermines the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th Amendments in the Bill of Rights. 

    So forget your freedoms people. The bill of rights no longer exists. Nor does the Constitution of the United States of America. 

    I guess to some, he still means well. 

    Obama means certain destruction of the American way of life if he is allowed to remain president of the US. Hope all you people who vote for him again like detention centers if you manage to keep him president for another 4 years. 


    The Black "Plaque" of America

    careful plague I understand so let me clarify it so you don't seem to have a prejudice. Black Plague spread through Europe many many years ago with rats as it's vector- giving rats a bad name to this day!

    As a word it doesn't mean a thing that I can find anywhere.  As a person it means unbelieveable problems for the former home of the free

    Death of America as we know it..

    Obama means well.....


    Means well WHAT?

    w is pretty far from h on the key board for a "typo"...

    well.... crooked or slightly bent.

    I get it. Crooked of slightly bent, like a palamino in heat. Dxxk

    He may mean well. BUT. It's just that he's a dud when it comes to economics. The thinks the free market means "the "FREE" market.

    So, you guys are pretty clear on who you wont vote for-lol


    Like that beautiful lake I saw in an email today. CRYSTAL clear.

    Where are those three wise magi went to? We don't know who are we electing as the next president? Maybe we need to change the whole government system? On second though we goof again,I don't believe there a right person we can elect and be happy with.


    The right person isn't a multimillionaire with millions of conspiratorial backing him. That eliminates EVERY politician in the world. We need "average Joe". or Joan.

    I may be wrong but i get the impression you don't like your President. lol.


    Not so much, bulletman, nor my governor who is planning to raise state taxes to fix the deficit here. What an idiot. We had him 40 years ago and he was an idiot then, as well. My vote seems never to count. I'll be contacting my sate reps today to object to the latest bald-faced scheme.

    Stupid hypocrite.


    The man is evil. Loved only by the lazy, and the liberal left. Let the democrats hand over their money to the shiftless people in this country. I'm glad I don't have to look at a weekly pay stub anymore and see how much of my money goes to the s**bums in this country.


    Our idiot governor here in Californication wants to raise our taxes so we can pay down the state's deficit. I'm wondering what he thinks we have left? Yep, a democrat.
    ed shank

    He is a whack job, your right.

    Obama is the reason some people get promoted. To get them the hell out of where they are at . You just cant fire them.



    Promote to the point of incompetence!

    Thank you, you said it right.

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