which would you listen to?

    what if your mind was saying one thing but your heart was saying another? which do you listen to?


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    My heart is filled with empathy and sometimes it steers me to a painful life lesson ... tough call.  I would meditate and the answer will appear.  That is what I do when I am torn.  If it is a life lesson that I need to learn, then so be it.

    It feels good to follow your heart but, your mind rarely steers you wrong..........

    When in doubt.....don't!!!!

    I have listened to my heart many times.  It doesn't know what it's talking about. 

    Follow your conscience both your heart and mind can be deceitful..

    If you know in your mind that something isn't going to work and in some way you will end up damaged from it, you have to ignore your heart. If it is mean to be, it will regardless.

    Depends on the subject but I find the old standard of a "pro and con" list to be very helpful.

    Neither...from now on I'm gonna pay more attention to my what my gut is sensing...and, of course, listen to the animals

    I should always follow my head. My heart could make a mess of things. Of course, so could my head. I am doomed.

    Depends on what's at stake.

    If your head is defending your heart. Go with your head, until your heart is safe again.


    I's sound like your caught between two lover, your mind tell you one thing and your hearth another.In any case take your parents advice first, before making a life decision that you could regret. I would suggest that you take the time and ask God what is will for you in deciding what to do next?

    I'm totally wrong...not my mind, or my heart or my gut.....I need to take advice from 5 owls and 3 wolves and the consensus wins!

    Love rules, logic reflects and wisdom chooses. 

    Neither today I do not care.

    If you think twice don't go with the heart.

    tot to be a balance.  if still not sure, talk with a trusted friend and/or family member.

    I would agree with Witchway, weigh up the consequences, is it worth the risk, and how much are you prepared to lose or be hurt,. If you need to be asking it's obviously something you have serious doubt about yourself,I would tend to tread carefully and follow what I know to be the right decision  in my own mind

    Today ,neither


    Then at least listen to what WE here at akaQA are trying to say to you, okay?

    Thanks Ducky,im listening!!!x

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