What usually goes through your mind just before you fall asleep?

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    I think about how lucky I am, to have such a cozy, comfortable bed....ahhhhhh...(( 0 )) yawn


    It is a blessing many take for granted!

    Love my bed...better than the best hotel!

    The usual whooshing of my tinitus, hate it when there,s no peripheral noise.


    I can empathize with you Romos

    Try a sound machine. They aren't expensive. I got mine for less than $10.00 on either or You problably could find one at a drugstore like Walgreen's or CVS.

    I know what you mean, and sometimes it's worse when you have been dreaming and you wake up.

    The trick is trying not to think of anything. My mind tends to keep going keeping me awake.........


    Count your breaths backwards from 100...I bet you won't make it past 80.

    I cheat. I have a prescription for sleeping pills...

    Deep breathing and counting does not take a toll on your body nor cause addiction.

    I'll give it a shot next time I'm low on medication but I'll admit, I'm chicken....

    yes, jharlan. when I think of something at night I can't sleep. So I just close my eyes and try not to think of anything except my cozy bed

    Easier said than done I'm afraid..........

    I plan my potting schedule (coffee mugs, bowls, french butter dishes, et al... just to clarify ... I wouldn't want you getting the wrong idea)  for the next day.... today is a trimming day and I am trying a new technique... I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about this... time to go now!

    Have a great day by the way!


    Fish Fry, whats a french butter dish?

    French Butter Dishes are a wonderful invention that is about 600 years old. You can keep butter on your counter in a French Butter Dish and it stays fresh. Water is filled up to the half way point in the bottom and the lid is what holds the butter.
    I sell a lot of them.

    Sounds like something I need.

    My wifes


    lucky man


    I always thank God for the day past and pray for all the animals, so they may find shelter and food in the cold. I also pray for my family, so they are safe and all the homeless people, that they find a warm place to stay and have food to eat. For my dog Chester, who I miss so much, that he is happy and well on the other side.


    Bless you! All of the animals need love from us! I truly believe that you will see chester again- back to good health with beautiful wings that match his coat!

    I try think about some outrageous and unobtainable goal I would love to obtain .... my brain just shuts down.

    Doolittle thinks of all animals around the world and tells God she wants to help them...then she wonders when the pain will go away.  Lately I fall off to sleep and then my cat wakes me every couple of hours...but he's starting to settle into his new home!

    I dont ever remember falling to sleep.. But I know my mind races up to the piont that i do... I know when I crawl into bed and cuddle up to hubby, I think "want a lucky girl I am to have such a good man." and "Dont squish the dogs."


    indeed you are lucky..

    lol.. because of the dogs????? xoxoxo

    I start to think.......will  i get to sleep.

    If I have to work the next day, it's always I hope the power doesn't go off or I might sleep in (never have) I then plan what Ill wear, if it needs ironing and if I need to set my mobile....just in case the power does go out and the clock doesn't work.


    Oh be quiet and go to sleep! haha

    Ducka, can't sleep, too busy worrying about the clock!

    Possible solutions...clock radio with a back-up alarm...clothes ready and laid out before bed...totally dark room...turn lighted clock dials AWAY from you and don't be checking the time. (Maybe worth a try?)

    arrrr.....the power went out, I was nearly late this morning,even missed my coffee! see I'm not really paranoid, just live out in the sticks

    Last night, I distinctly remember thinking that I really need a bed.  The couch is so uncomfortable now. 


    How's new work?

    When the wife says goodnight in bed "I say are you sure !! Then sing "love me Oh love me"

    While I am quite thankful I have a job I have to admit the last thing that goes through my mind if it is not Friday is Dear God I do not want to have to go to work with the juevvies and morons again help me please......

    For me its a case of"god i hope i sleep tonight!"Going to try your ideas though Daren,many thanx

    I am normally thinking about work and ,making lists in my head then I have to write it down which is always next to bed

    How silly! Why sheep of course!

    Everything it's a pain in the posterior

    Usually I think about what I have to do tomorrow, then I just think about my pussies and I,m away.

    I check my “weapons of mass destruction” in the blue bowl beside me. 

    Wasp spray. flash light, screecher, phone, big stick (I have already checked that all the radios are on.) 

    different things.  i decide to think about something & am sleep in about 10 or fifteen minutes.


    10 or 15 minutes??????I am dead envious!!!

    Will tonight be my lucky night, again?


    Everything sometimes it is too much.

    My mind races at night like a silent film. I see so many images of the past. I think about my kids, the future and the bills that need to get paid. I am a big worry wort. I thank god fot the blessing he have giving me that day and ask for peace for myself, family and friends. An hour later I fall asleep......

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