What is one of your favorite childhood memories?

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    My best friend Helga. We did everything together and were more like sisters.

    Playing catch in the backyard with Dad.


    RE: old friends. Yes, Ducky, it is a great connection. Being friends with someone your entire life.....priceless.

    Seeing my natural dad after months and months of not seeing him or receiving a birthday card or Christmas stuff.  I didn't know what a loser he really was, I was young.......

    Fishing in a boat out in the bay with my dad, the water was crystal clear and there were lots of Dolphins to watch, I would always come back sunburned, nobody ate fish,we would give them away but I had a great time

    Playing games outside with my friends,riding fast on my bike. Looking at butterflies.

    My Grandmother... and everything about her.  She was super woman to me.  Still is.

    Spending time with my grandmother.

    "Oh . enjoying life never unhappy playing soccer fishing or sailing down the river Clyde on a steam boat seeing all the Islands on a summers day with Mum and Dad Sisters and Brothers. Ice cream ,Fish and chips. AS Dean Martin sang "Memories are made of this".How True

    The summer swimming in the local creek. 

    The drive home from visiting family in Manchester and stopping for chips on the way.Also the same drive on Christmas Eve and seeing all the decorations.Loved it!!

    Riding to the five and dime on my bike with my friends for a soda and chips after a game of baseball..

    My mom teaching my how to shuffle cards...

    I loved going to my girlfriend's house to ride her pony. She was an only child so it also meant getting away from brother and sisters! LOL

    Your all very fortunate. Nothing comes to mind.


    Oh Ed that is sad! Did you run in the rain or see a sunrise? These are good memories
    ed shank

    I attempted to answer this a half hour ago and I still can't remember anything. Oh well I've been making up for it for many years.

    Going for a walk on the canal with my Dad and them him making me the first hot dog that I liked

    This question made me realize I had many good experiences as a child. It made me remember looking at everything in life with a certain fascination, that almost seems to disappear when we get older, or that we have to remind ourselves to search for it.

    The only thing that ever took away from all those good memories, was when my parents were drinking. They were like Jeckyl and Hide then, and I absolutely avoided them at all costs. But, in time we come to understand things for what they were, and learn to forgive and forget, and move on. Life's a journey...time to move on.


    So sad for a child. :(

    Your answer is very much appreciated. My youngest thinks his whole life has been miserable (21 years). It is my hope he will one day realize that's probably not true.

    I like that you have your daughter's friends over to share her experiences. Those times and friendships will last forever.
    Those "old" friendships are priceless, aren't they.
    This evening (1/14), I had dinner with my best friend, her husband, son, his GF, & their 6 month old son. We were celebrating her 60th birthday.
    We have been friends since kindergarten: 55 years. We've never had a disagreement and we've never let each other down. I hope your daughter will have many lifetime friends.

    Going outside and walking in the grass and looking at the morning dew upon my new shoes. It was a amazing to me, the first time I experienced nature. Great wonder that I grew up to be a Witch! LOL

    2nd grade. My dad took me to a SF Giants ballgame.  He let me bring a friend and I asked Charles. We are still friends.


    My daughter is growing up as an only child, and we often have her invite a friend when we take her places. So that she can share the experience with another kid. Sometimes it's funny, as some kids are over so much and with us so often, that it's almost as though we adopted them. But, as a kid it's really good to feel that connection with someone you grew up with. I have at least one friend from childhood, I call every few years or so, forty something years later.

    I also still have a friend from elementary school and we just had a telephone chat, a few days ago. Isn't that a great connection to have?

    I love my "old" friends and am still regular contact with several of them. Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver, the other gold.

    I have none.

    ed shank

    Welcome to the club.

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