When you are working in your job, do you get angry and chop your computer and keyboard up? Do you throw it on the floor?

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    No, but I slammed the lid down once and made it cry.  I will never do that again.

    No Never as its me who would have to pay for it!


    Eggie i saw that on Sunrise, i think these bods need Anger Management classes

    In my job (bus driver) I frequently get angry and want to ram some other driver up the rear but then our deescalation schooling (brain washing) springs into action and wins the day. The same applies to passengers, some of whom I would love to strangle, but I have to take their verbal abuse with a pinch of salt.  As to the computer, yes we do have a computer on board and it steers the whole  transport operation, without it things would soon come to a standstill. 


    #17B subsection R

    Nope it is not my computer that is the pain in the arse.

    Just play it cool as a cucumber,and remember the measure of a person, is what it takes to upset them.

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