ladies only!Whats your other halfs most annoying habit?

    Apart from not putting the seat down!!Ive just come out of the bath and came to shave my legs with a seemingly blunt razor!!Well the dogs not been using it,so that narrows it down quite a lot.........!So mine is not buying his own razors!

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    He yells, "TELEPHONE" each time the phone rings, even if I'm in the same room...............


    Bet he doesnt answer it either!!Put my mobi on charge earlier,it was about a foot away from his hand.It rang,he shouted to tell me so i said answer it.By the time he had the caller had rung off.....

    OOOhhhh, I'd have issues with that, too!

    I just started yelling phone before he did. really pissed him off. Wonder why?

    Sounds like a Pavlovian type behavior. Give him a dog biscuit, Julie. :D

    I got rid of the annoying habit.


    Funny enough i nearly did too earlier,gave him a rollicking(think he was a bit upset actually).I did apologise though as he didnt deserve it....

    Like it! :->

    There is no way on God's green earth I would want the annoying habit back again glad he is someone else's problem and not mine LOL

    The little piles of papers and receipts left all over the house... I have begun collecting them and putting them in cookie tins.  I am waiting for the day he asks me what is in the cookie tins.


    mine threw his clothes everywhere socks in the living room, bedroom floor. So I bought a bunch of laundrey baskets, big ones., and put one in each spot he threw his clothes. yes even two feet away from the hamperif it didnt make it in then I added another wherever they landed and so on. Bet you're thinking and so on? How many baskets did he need to get the hint?.....Did I mention Cranial Anal Inversion? 12 baskets in a 3 bed 2 bath house.

    That is hilarious!

    @Fish Fry ... yes in hindsight its funny as hell. Its not the only thing like that I've done. After working all day,then making dinner I got ticked When the kids and the ex would set their plate on the counter(directly over the trash can no less) full of food, and leave it there. So I followed suit. for a week they sat there ( God it was discusting)
    I decided I was onvacation from dishes. THe smell got bad and the ***ching got more and more. till he says " I cant believe you let those sit there when the trash is right there. " Big mistake! I pulled the can out and in two motions every bit plates and all went in the trash. I said " if you can walk your plate as far as the trash can you can scrape it off. But we wont have that problem any more and I pulled out a stack of really cheap paper plates and cheaper plastic silverware,and paper cups not plastic paper cups like at the Doctors office with the point at the end. two weeks of that and ,Plates get scraped and rinsed ,silverware is rinsed and in a cup ,and the trash even gets taken out. I dont have to say a word.

    You need to talk to Mom when she comes on ... she gathered all the cutlery from her sons' rooms and put them in the safe... then asked them to gather them up as she couldn't find any in the kitchen... she ate yogurt with a measuring spoon and cereal with a salad spoon. This site is filled with people and their hilarious but effective ideas!

    Winge,winge,winge!!!   Listen,I live in a house full of bloody women.If you want complaints I'll give you some but it will take me a while to compile the list.


    Tommy?????Is that short for Thomasina then?????You dont sound like a wimmin!!!: )


    Hey Tommyh, what you are talking about is a totally natural process of life for all women. They don't CHOOSE to have a period, BELIEVE me!! And you wouldn't have children or grandchildren without them. Most of what the women here are discussing are "habits". Things that can be changed in someones lifestyle with a bit of effort for the courtesy of others around him. Therefore, your "reply" does not count. Get over it, accept it, realize you wouldn't be here without it. No meanness, just sayin'...........

    What the hell do you think I'm talking about MM118?? Habits!!! It's not only men who have annoying habits. And understand this.Nobody campaigns for women's rights & equality more than me.With a wife,2 daughters & 2 granddaughters I think I am qualified to say that I understand women a little bit.BUT THEY HAVE ANNOYING HABITS TOO!!!

    Okay, Do you know now what I have JUST realized??!! I took your words completely LITERALLY, not at all thinking that you are using your native slang!!! OMG!! Not 'till just NOW did that occur to me! I am SO SORRY for my stand on an issue you never intended!! Cultural differences are fantastically interesting, but, obviously, can be potentially embarrassing!! Take heed everyone.....And my most sincere apologies to you, Tommyh!! I've always very much liked your responses to all sorts of questions, and honestly I was a bit surprised by your answer, (in my own flawed interpretation), but dopily, I totally misinterpreted your meaning. Hope we can chuckle a little, and again, my sincerest apologies to you!! :-P

    No apology required MM.But thanks anyhow.
    ed shank

    Tommyh, for "PRESIDENT". Was hoping to see if a man would come forward and defend us irritating men, TU brother.

    Tommyh....still thinking??



    CPAP machine!!! Sounds like it could be sleep apnea. my husbands snoring was so incredibly bad, and I have hearing loss, that I was fully preparing to move into another room to sleep. He finally was tested with a sleep study and they found he stopped breathing 117 times that night and would suck air in extremely loudly/snoringly to start breathing again. He got a CPAP machine to wear every night which pushes air into his throat every night to sleep much more normally and it made a HUGE difference after, even the first night. Much more energy and no more falling asleep on the couch nightly at the tender age of 35. Might be worth considering or looking into...

    I wouldnt talk bad about the man I'm with now , That wouldnt be cool But I'll say a   **itload about my ex. My biggest thing was what a whimp he was when he was sick . Whine and fuss get irritated at everything and anybody . But GOD HELP YOU IF YOURE SICK. I've had pnumonia,Pancreatitis, Migrains , surgeries etc. and still get asked "Whats for dinner? Do I have any clean socks?  WHERES MY...???"  of course if he didnt have a cranial anal inversion he would be able to find those things and cook me, him and the kids dinner.  


    I can see why hes your ex!!!Better off without that one!!

    Yes mam and I didnt even mention the lying about stupid things, or the hipocracy, or the oh never mind x means he's xed out of my life.even in memory.haaaaaaa peace again...
    Lifes to short to dwell on things of the past. Wasted energy I say. Now to do what I like... be with my guy. Thats the real present! (pun included)

    Snoring.. but it is nothing he can do about it... So I guess he is perfect.... Aside from when there is work to be done he always has the excuss himself to the restroom....(my son has learned that trick)


    Jenn, please see my answer to eggplant....Best...

    Three things. I know you said "the most annoying", so these are the 3 most annoying.  1st is his incredibly arrogant nature to take it upon himself to throw personal things away that are mine!!   That was early on. Fortunately he learned that lesson well.....   2nd, washing my personal clothing with anything else and throwing them into the dryer on kill.  Took somewhat longer but he has finally learned that lesson, as well.  Lastly, and the one he still hasn't broken after 25 yrs is that after frying anything in a frying pan, he just takes a swipe at the pan with a paper towel and sticks it back in the cabinet as "clean"!   OMG!.       Yes, I know, I know.  Not that big a deal,  but 25 yrs later??!  But if that is the least of my worries.......;-}


    Thanks Mich,you know,on balance,having stubbly legs isnt perhaps as bad as i thought it was........! : )

    My husband is a collector-especially-model trains,all the stuff that goes with them and models of older cars(die cast) The house is filled with them. He even bought a mobile home that is also filled with them.  Its an expensive collection. He also collects books and kitchen gadgets.  This is why I have my own room! Still love him though! LOL


    clu, mine, too, collects. He collects all things old and rare beer paraphernalia. It's not worthless, but not my cup of tea, soooooo, he has the entire finished basement and garage for himself and his hobby and have the entire top floor of the house the way I want. Works for us.

    We are divorced, but It was annoying that he was such a cheapskate.

    My husband is also a junk collector, he has even convinced others to accompany him to junk sales, their wives are also unimpressed, I came home from work one Saturday to find him in a drunken state, stark naked, except for a full Masons outfit...he thought it was a good buy because it had badges!!

    And does anyone else find they put a channel on ,the handset gets pilfered and suddendly your programme of choice has vanished??????And something rubbishy has taken its place.One day someone whos going to remain anonymous(yep ME!!) is going to put her programme on and switch the batteries in the handset with dead ones!!!!!!Sounds like a plan to me!! : )


    This is pure genius! How is it nobody has ever thought of this before now?

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