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    I enjoy your tutorials very much but with one complaint.  It would be nice if the audio levels were the same for each tutorial so that, as I browse from one to another, I don't disturb my neighbors (or the dead).  You see, some of your tutorials are very quiet and must be turned up to be of any value.  Then the next one comes in super loud and , well, you know what I'm getting at.  

    I manager a customer service company and I enjoy ALL feedback because I want to be the best possible.  How about you?


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    Well ... Photoguy Eric ... this is wonderful information.

    Unfortunately we don't, at the present time, provide any tutorials.  If this is part of our "Go Forward Plan" I will definitely take your advise into consideration... Goodness knows, I for one, do not want to wake the dead... Scary!

    ""I'm hard of hearing, so I like it loud and that's the way it's gonna stayl I'm the best I can be.

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