What is the best way to move on from a break-up?

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    Stay alone for a year or so.  In the meantime, find a new hobby, (not a new person), try something new (not a new person), learn to be on your own (not with a new person).  The agony will soon start to fade but will last a lot longer if you jump into another relationship, right away.  You are very likely, if you do that, to repeat the same mistake and end up with a person, just like the last.


    your answer is right on target. Can't depend on someone other than your self to find and define personal happiness.
    This is an event which should create personal growth.

    Growth along with independence.

    Move with one foot in front of the other, just keep moving....


    My sentiments exactly!

    ....and except to fall often, in despair at some level. Just get up again. You get your single legs back...just ask me.

    I was hoping there would be a magic answer here.  There isn't.
    If you initiate the breakup, you've probably moved on already. You are indifferent.
    If you got broken, it takes TIME to fix.  Going through the stages of grief are inevitable; how long it takes is unique for each breakup.   After that time has passed, you are ready to welcome someone else into your life.  If you took up crocheting or skydiving during the interim, cool.  


    How about crocheting "while" skydiving? :)

    I already do that. Stitches are too loose, though. :D

    Hey! Come pick your dam string off my trees.

    YARN, caddam, that is YARN. I will be over this weekend to clean up the mess! Sorry about that.

    simple ..find someone new.. it may sound easy i know it's  not easy to get over one that you loved , but you'll soon forget when you have a new love.


    Agreed, a new love will distract you from those awful feelings you get, but this might be a time for self reflection without a relationship distraction.
    There is something to say about a superficial relationship at this time. I know.

    AH...women mourn, men replace

    Keep yourself busy, allow yourself to mourn, grow, learn and experience new adventures. 

    One day you will be doing something like driving to work and something will strike you as funny or very interesting and then you will know the pain has gone away.

    Find someone else.

    Sage advice from a swan I once knew who lost his mate....cry and cry loudly, wander aimlessly then have yourself a big supper and sleep on it.

    For some reason when you see someone else you're really attracted to, you tend to forget about that other son of an angel.              

    Throw yourself into your work for awhile, change your regular habits (like going to the same places you used to etc) join a gym or take up a new and challenging interest, something that takes your interest and stops you dwelling on the past, be entirely selfish and enjoy doing what you want, when you want . Decide to be happy, difficult but not impossible, good luck and I wish you all  the best

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