Why wont my Albanian love come to america and marry me to become a citizen?

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    To give  up a country, culture, language, regular contact with family, and way of life for something unknown is a lot to expect. In essence, you would control a lot of his life, by virtue of his unfamiliarity with everything, and that would involve a lot of trust on his part. But also, there is a question of what is going on at his side of the relationship. Is it as strong as you believe it to be, or were you perhaps lead on for some unknown reason? These are the things and questions you have to consider. Obviously, he doesn't feel comfortable coming to the country you reside in. You have to also ask yourself whether or not you would feel comfortable moving to Albania? The uncertainty you would feel, is perhaps what he is feeling. That is a huge undertaking in someone's life.

    Why won’t his love go there and marry him?

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