Why do I always get involved with a guy that is either broke and likes me, or pretends to, or if he has money, does not like me, and treats me horribly?

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    Don't run after them, keep them at a distance. They like it, keep them in their place, be cool, calm and collected.

    It sounds like you have low self esteem.  You probably search out the wrong kind of guy so you can try to fix him to make yourself feel better.  Think about it and quit dating for a while.  At least until you get your head and heart together.  Good luck.  yvonne57


    This is so true Yvonne. Women seem to do this! I've known many an abused woman and they seek the same kind of man time and time again. When you realize your life is in jeopardy you will wake up!

    It has been proven statistically, that most battered women, keep going back to the perpetrator.  When the so called relationship is finished they tend to attract the same kind of personality.

    From a laymans point of view, one needs to break the cycle, by defining the type of person one wants in a relationship.  This would entail writing down the qualities of desire, similar to goal setting, and would also include writing down the detrimental qualities of your previous relationships, and then burning them or throwing them in the trash.  That way one can have a new outlook, and a change of behavior, and one has changed the way they think. 


    The person has to realize there life is in jeopardy to change! It's the only way to get OUT!

    All good advise here. Where are you finding these dead beats? In bars? Go to church, most are descent people and have money. They don't drink in excess, they don't drug, they don't piss away money on sports cars. Give it a shot or stop bitching.

    Take a break from dating ..........pickup a new hobbie or read a book............relax and plan your life with your self only for now...................let your head become clear of needing someone else right now.                                        

    Let nature take it's course and find the right one for you!!

    You have what I call, "Bad Man Radar".  Do things for yourself.  Find out who you are and what you are passionate about.  Begin to really enjoy the you who is you and you will attract the right kind of man.

    Pleanty more good Fish in the sea

    looks like you don't know what you want. First, why are you hopping guys- from poor to one with money. Find your true love - may be poor and enjoy little pleasures of life.

    Birds o a feather...?

    You control who you "get involved with," no one else. 

    Also, do you not have your own income?  Why does his income matter if he is good to you?

    Don't ever get involved with anyone who treats you horribly... ever! 


    EVER!!!! talk as though you have no choice in the matter, when in all actuality, you have all the choice in the world. You just need to examine the choices you make a little closer. Some women go through life like they always need a man in their life just to exist...and all they do is pick one loser after another in a long procession of them. I see it around me all the time, and it's always the same ones doing the same thing, over, and over, and over again.

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