how can I stop these hackers and block all that are univited into my computer

    I have a hacker attacking my computer.  How can I stop them and block all others that intrude in my computer. I am fully willing to press charges for any and all who sccess my computer as I give NO ONE permission to access anything on it. 

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    You need to sort out your internet security, get the malware software that,s out there, it,s simple.

    Sorry!!!!!! Being mad does nothing and its unlikely anyone will be caught . Use complicated passwords ie numbers and letters  . Use a external hard drive for back up.keep all passwords stored in a hard copy (on Paper) . Stop using widows and start using Ubantu (linux) for a O/S . If there is a problem your passwords are current on paper and a update and reinstall with latest version of linux  is just a matter of downloading the files you wish to save in the transfer. Takes a couple of hours .  Hint dont open CRAP !!!!!!!!  All things for Linux are FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Choice : Get some Ninja computer skills or be prepared to be a victim !!!!!! Simple as that !!!!! 

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