who VIEW, but do not ANSWER our questions!  I'm looking at a question that has had over 230 VIEWS, and 21 ANSWERS.  Where are those other 209 people?  How many users are active at akaQA on a DAILY basis?  How many new members sign on every day (average).  Let's see some stats, or some good guesses!  

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    Bob/PKB,, as a corolary to your great question, i asked a question.

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    A lot of those views are people who posted going back in to see the new answers or to reply to a comment left to them. Some people just don't want to get involved. Others do not like to answer the boring questions, like directions and such. 


    You have a unique of such, Colleen.

    I for one will not answer political or religion questions. But I like to see what people say.


    That is a good policy. Makes perfect sense.

    Great answer, clu!! Consider me guilty on that front, too!!

    It is rare when I only view a question, usually because the answer couldn't be topped.....


    If nothing else, to post an agreement!!

    You are right.....

    Giving a thumbs up is the same and even better than posting an agreement.

    Respectfully disagree Coleen. My TUs are for respect not for agreement.

    Ugh. Whatever works for you Val even though it does not make sense. TU's should be for correct answers, that's the point of the karma and TU's. But you do not have to follow it if you do not want to. I see no reason for an argument here.

    Since many of the questions call for an opinion rather than fact, there is often no "right" answer. Giving a TU is great, as is thanking the author, but providing an answer of your own is a contribution to the group as a whole. I don't feel like I'm interacting much when I'm just clicking on a thumb, and that's a big part of why I'm here...interaction.

    Back in April when I started on akaQA, I gave almost everybody a TU. I wanted the site to continue. It seems like not to worry now ...

    The forum was never set up for social interaction, that is not the point of it. People interact the best they can. It is a question and answer help site, meant to help people find things or an answer to a question. People do not have to reply or give their opinion if they chose not to. We are not here to simply entertain the lonely. There are discussion forums and social networks on the internet for that.

    Guilty as charged,yer Ronner.

    I look at questions that seem interesting & then read the comments & answers already given.I don't always answer when someone has covered the text of what my reply would be.


    OK, now where are the other 208???

    Dunno! Ask Eggplant.maybe it's an alien conspiracy!

    nobody knows.........the mystery veiwers!

    Plenty of tire kickers i guess they all want to test ride but no one wants to buy..


    Odd I must be, for I answer 99% of every question I view. "Boring", by the way, is subjective.

    Sometimes I just view,sometimes I vote up if I agree with the answer, Sometimes I answer if I agree or not. Most of the time it's freindly, but if someone doesn't agree it's their opinion. I usualy give my opinion but I am not always right.


    I wasn't under the impression that our opinions had to be "right". Opinions are subjective; a variety gives the question asker many options in deciding on a course of action. Please always toss in your two's worth at least that much :D

    If the question has been answered sufficiently, it's OK to bypass it and move to a question still needing an answer. akaQA is a question and answer site. Things do not need to be hashed to death here. That's why I've asked if old, already answered questions can be locked from now on.

    Totally agree with Bob and Colleen, both!!

    To similar Qs I asked, similar answer from Coleen. Thank you Coleen :)

    akaQA capabilities are very limited in this regard.

    Your guesses are as good as mine.

    ""Armpits...naked armpits...

    Sometimes if I can't provide a different facet of an answer or subject, I'll do some TU's and then step back. But, on some questions, if I don't feel I can answer it in a civil manner I'll step away. But, for the most part, I answer a good degree of reasonable questions. Then, if some questions are really so stupid as to be poked fun at a little...there are times I really find it hard not to!


    "find it hard not to" too Shootah!

    me, too, like they were made for it.



    This "thing" just peed on my screen!

    eggie I love yor catterpillar! oxoxoxo

    My guess for how many look at the questions and how many join daily  is    A   LOT !  LOL

    Sometimes I just feel like reading... it relaxes me.

    I also like thumbing people up and so I will go through questions just for that.


    That is becoming more enjoyable for me, too. I don't feel the need to answer every question I come across. Guess I am one of those people.

    If I read a question and it has been answered i na simaliar way to which I would answer it., I see no reason to answer it.... 


    Do you do much TU when you're previewing?

    If someone gives the answer I would have givn, I do give a TU. But to be honest with this computer it takes so long to return to the page after a TU I have been lacks on them for a while. I apprieciate more answers than I TU...
    One day... one day... oh one day, I will have a more up to date computer that will not freeze at every little thing, and i will be able to give members the praise they deserve.

    Hi Bob/PKB, nice to see you! I generally answer most of the questions i click on to.  However, i generally only click onto topics that really interest me.  Sometimes if i don't want to get into a big debate, i will not answer a question.  Even tho i love debates.  i was so busy during december and for january this year,  i don't  ask much as i would like to on this site.  your question is really good and it made me think.  One more thing.  I am glad that 200 people don't answer one question.  it would be too much to read, particularly when answers are similar.  but i also know what you mean. Also good luck on that dream man.  he is out there i'm sure.

    They are mostly just voyeurs in life............................and in cyber-life!!


    That's a very good answer, michmar118. Just tiptoeing through akaQA and never making a sound. The one place you CAN speak your mind (mostly), and they pass up the chance. ?????

    Hey Bob, tip-toe anytime. Always good to hear from you, especially. And, yes, there will always be those that just want to see!

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