Whats price of gas around your area ?

    3.09 gallon west texas, 

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    $3.08 in Austin, TX

    $3.12 in boston.

    $1.43 per LITRE in Brisbane Australia.

    That's about $5.80(US) per US gallon.


    Tommyh. that is expensive.

    Out of control! It's just gouging by the oil companies & retailers.The govt can't seem to be able to do anything about it.

    $3.35 Southwest Michigan

    $3.59 a gallon. NE Pennsylvania. A few miles away in Jersey it's $2.97 a gallon. Guess were I buy my gas.


    We buy buy the therm in england,

    I saw $3.71 this morning.. It went up 12 cents in two days.  Local news is predicting 5 bucks US by spring but they are not basing this on CA alone, we will in CA be about $1.50 higher so if they are spot on, we will see 6.50 by spring.   They blame this on Iran but most of our oil comes from canada now.. Oil is a commodity and it makes really no difference where it comes from, a spike is a spike and needs no real reason, just speculation.

    Dang Ed. I think NM wins the prize.


    This was meant as a comment to Ed1530. Not sure how it ended up as an answer.

    From what I have heard, it gets a little cheaper as you travel S/E but go the other way and it goes higher. The problem here is that people waste gas by buying big trucks they really don’t need and the younger people think the speed limit is the guy in front of you and after you pass him no limit at all.

    $2.70 in New Mexico 


    where in NM

    The Albuquerque area, however I noticed on my drive to work that we are back up to $2.86 tonight.

    3.39  springfield, ohio

    3.04 gal. fort madison iowa.


    how close you to centerville

    about an hour drive

    $1.45 a litre here in Sydney,petrol is getting so exspensive,people are filling up thier tanks and just driving off without paying.

    $3.89 gallon regular Yreka California.

    This question is three days old . Gas today is $3.599 in SW Michigan compared to 3 days ago when it was $3.35. OUCH!

    3.59 in mid Michigan as of 1/4/12

    .32 cents a gal. -----opps that was in 1967

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