Would you buy a house that someone was murdered in ?

    or should i say knowingly murdered in..

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    Would you travel in a car knowing that someone had been killed in it?

    A wet-bus: so that's why they call it riding shot-gun

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    Sure if the price was right..........

    Hmmm.  I'm not sure about that.  I would probably want more details but then again, being a visual person, that could be a mistake.    :(

    I absolutely would not.  Wouldn't take a chance on something so important, my home.  Bad energy, and maybe worse, may easily be felt/experienced.


    It often is felt/experienced but those who r feeling it dont know why

    I agree with you, doolittle, thus potentially asking for way too much trouble. :-\ I'd move on....

    Did you ever hear, as an investor, which a homebuyer is, "shouln't fall in love with their investment" (emotionally attached). Well I say that type of virtue is valid and valuable, artistically, fall in love with,it, improve it, decorate it, sell it. Make money, buy another one, love it too. If your gonna be superstitious, change the way you think, and turn your negative ideas into positive ones. If you love it, and feel good about it, so will your buyer.

    Buy it ? Yes. Live in it, probably not. Rent it out.


    To Guinea Pigs?

    No.....Not if there had been a murder,i would if the person had died of natural causes.I have rented a home where a lady died of a heart attack,there was never a problem.


    i agree it's creepy..

    No Way .....

    Recently in my area there was a child murdered. I'm having a terrible time trying to deal with it! I hate to turn on the news because I want no more details! I pray the little girl is at peace.


    Awful thing to hear about, much less being the girl or a family member! Praying for the child's soul.

    So sad!

    I rented a room in an old house where the Chinese cook had been murdered by the owner in 1870. The Chinese cook was obvious to me and I talked with him early in the mornings. He was not aware of being dead. Anyone in the kitchen without his permission was likely to be cut while handling a knife. He had been killed by the owner because the owner did not understand Chinese cooking and their use of fermented soybeans for flavor. The owner thought he was being poisoned by the cook and blamed every ill on the Chinese. His irrational belief grew until he shot the cook dead. He remembered the loud noise and then would go to his room to sleep. Then in the morning he would arise, as usual, to begin his day. It took a few days to convince him that he was dead, but when he knew…he saw the Light and left. 



    WOW, robertgrist, what a beautiful, wonderful thing you did for another soul!! Bless you. What a great experience for you, thank you for sharing it with us. :-D

    good job, Robert. You should write a book,or a movie.

    mycatsmom…I would like to do that but I haven’t the slightest idea of how. I have the shooting script for “Merlin” and I’m blown away by it’s quality.

    Definitely a mint answer; totally fiction, doesn't answer the question, but entertaining! That's what I like about you.

    Hey, that was my answer. Kidding that was cool…

    My former wife died in our home .... God, I wish she'd contact me.


    That makes a lot of sense Flip,but,shes only ever a thought away

    Flip,I think you mean your late wife. She will contact you.....if not directly, then thru a friend, or a family member.

    She’s in what you read, what songs you hear, what people you encounter. Her messages flow to you constantly. Listen carefully.
    My husband and I have made plans to contact each other when and if one of us dies.
    Do you want to ask her a specific question?

    Itsme: There was a prominent couple (of who's name slips my mind) that made that pact with each other that the first to pass would contact the other. She passed away maybe five or so years ago. The last I knew he's still waiting.

    So sorry to hear of your loss Flip. My best wishes to you and your family.

    How do you know you haven't? unless it is new and you are the 1st occupants. Just because there is not a record of a murder doesn 't neccessarily mean there has not been one on the premises not in this day and age when people cut up their daughters and put them in suitcases for bringing dishonour onto their families  


    I liked the PSYCHO way- just dump in a big ice container- cuts down on the smell...."Yes Mother" I have to go

    There have been muslim men here in the Detroit area who have murdered their wife or daughter adn dismembered them b/c they brought dishonor to the dating a non-muslim.

    Sorry Dunc,didnt make myself clear !!It was brand new when my parents moved in.Farmland before that.But my other halfs house had someone pass away in it apparantly.Doesnt bother him,but i certainly dont go a bundle on it!!

    No way, thanks.

    Dont think i would.In fact i dont think id live anywhere where someones died.At least our house has been in the family since it was built ,so im lucky i know its history

    Yes I would, if the murder was solved. 

    no way in hell, if someone was murdered in the house. But, I would by a house that someone died in of natural causes. Many parties have lived in the house that my grandma died in. She was old. My next door neighbor cheerfully told me that the previous owner's 1st wife, of my house died here.

    I am sensitive to the spirit world...those who have died but have not moved on...murder victims often linger until the murderer has been caught, arrested, and imprisoned.  So, maybe.  I would want more details first.  However, these homes are often less expensive then their equals in a neighborhood.

    I lived in a rented house where a man had caught his wife’s lover in bed with her. The house was a terrible experience. Winds blowing down the hall, the sound of shattering glass where there was no windows. Our dog barked for no reason ... on and on. Our family was not happy during the three years we lived there. Never again.


    That is SCARY!!!!How the heck did you manage 3 years there itsmee?Youre braver than me!!

    Probably if it wasn't a really gruesome murder, or John Wayne Gayce's old house. Just a personal thing, that If it was too gruesome a scene, I don't think I'd be able to not envision it as it occured.


    Who was John Wayne Gayce???????

    A serial killer in the mid-west, who killed young men and buried them under his house. I believe they recovered around twenty bodies buried there. They executed him about 10 years ago.

    Oh .O/K,sounds quite grursome,

    I wouldn't seek out a home that met that criteria.  For nearly 20 years, I lived on a 40 acre ranch where my dad's uncle had died of a heart attack while plowing the fields.  It wasn't a problem.  Kinda creepy question, don'tcha think??


    I thought it was mint to draw creepy responses like mine.

    It would cut down on my purchase of conversation pieces.

    Depends,  but I would not automaticiiy  rule it out

    YES. Poor house did not kill any one. KILLING was someoneelse's action and has nothing to do with the house. 


    Maybe it still sticks around.

    I would as long as I wouldn't have to take the murderer along with the house.

    Don't believe in spooks.


    Ive worked in a haunted house before pi,some of the goings on were well weird!Maybe spooks believe in you?

    No I couldn't, I had a friend that was murdered in her backyard, the papers called it the house of horrors, I couldn't imagine living there' hated even walking past, I wouldn't live in an old church either


     Dose The house has a history of violence ? If it was just a one time thing chances are you have nothing to worry about. If you do your homework and see if this has ever happened in the past then I would have to think twice. Most Ghost don't stay around in a other wise empty house (unless they have unfinished issues with the previous owners. But in most cases that is very unlikly . Hope this has helped you with  your question.


    actually, they do stay in "their" home...and if you moved in you might see that you become part of the history..unless you can be knid to those left behind and convince them that it is better for them to move on in their journey

    maybe not.


    why not are you scared.

    Why not? People are dying at he rate of one every second, but it all depends how long it took the authorities to find the body(s), cuz that means, it would take awhile to air out.  The County Coroner sometimes helps by spraying "Death Spray" a powerfulf deoderizer. To top it off, one might be able to get a better deal from the seller if they knew, but I wouldn't suggest killing someone, so as to put yourself in a better bagaining position.


    true but if you kill someone you get free housing for life.

    yes, no problem

    It is not only the house that can speak but also the land it is on. Sometimes people are drawn to a certain house by it's former inhabitants. Maybe this house or land is calling you to it. If you buy it and start to experience things, there are several things you can do.

    No.  I once owned a house that was built on a site that a family died in... definitely no.

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