Look I do not need people talking the water with being housebound my PC is how I get through the day I just thought someone some where had one linying around then that would off solved all my problems . It do's not mean when you have a wife and two children who I adore I still get very lonely .

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    I am truly sorry you are homebound.  I know about the lonely even those of us who are not homebound and have no one get lonely too. God bless and wishing you the very best.

    I understand you...and heck, this is akaQA...the perfect place to ask if someone has a computer just laying around!

    You've come to the right spot if you're just looking for company. Just ask a question you have been wondering about and you'll get all kinds of replies....................

    A lonely hart is a closed hart and keep looking around for a computer it may show up and really who cares about the weather when your warm and dry in side.

    Check craigslist, someone may be giving a computer away there. You can also run an ad on Craigslist asking for a free one.  Just click on your state/city, create an account and place the ad, it's free.

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