I give up !!! Bye !!! Good Luck !!!!! Happy New Year !!!! All my best !!!! Bluesman

    Time to be using my time different . Sorry but I have had enough.      Bill

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    Bye bye bluesman.  All the best in your new hobby.  Let us know what it is and maybe we'll join you there!!


    I have to get healthy or die . Its that simple . Hours and hours here telling people how to find their emails or comments about cheating people is killing me . I have also hurt some people here with my words and my views . Thats just not me ,I am in a wrong place and I need to wash my ex from my memory so it does not cloud the council I give . Its time for a adventure and maybe a chuck wagon cook out or two .Old fashion barn dance ,a cute woman and to enjoy a waltz again .Some bon fires and dance all night . I need a woman who can make a mile high apple pie and kiss like there was no tomorrow I havent danced now in more than two years . Hiding out here just allows me to be lazy and avoid life . I will tell all the next chapter of this story ,I just need some time to go live it . Bill

    A dance, a woman and a pie is probably not a long term solution to such (what sounds like) deeply imbedded hurt and anger. Might I suggest some counselling? I do think that you are quite correct in stating that you are "hiding out here" and a forum, where "some" do nothing but seek sympathy and attention, can be a rather depressing place to be, unless you have the ability to ignore it, as some of us can and do! (You say you also have a blog! More hours on the computer!) I have mentioned a few times, in various places on this forum...positive people, a new interest (not a person, a hobby), volunteer work, daily exercise! I challenge you to try those things for 6 weeks and see the difference! Good luck!

    Loves..... Hope to see you around... stiop by and let me know if you find a good new hobby.. I know I need one



    The sweet one full of kindness and good council . Your words always show good wisdom and good council . I enjoyed reading your words and hope one day to see them again. Best wishes for a wonderful year full of happiness and joy . I love to bake and cook all things food and I havent had a kitchen in a year ,living in a extended stay motel with not much more than a hot plate . This has to end some how and I look at the huge block of time I spent here instead of a class room learning . I am in exactly the same place I was last year ,forward movement is zero . Sad dont you think ? I have helped some and offended some and been mean to others without cause .Thats just not me !When I have a adventure or story worth telling Ill share .

    my email is on my profile if you need anything let me know....

    Jenn~I don't think other people can read our e-mail address.

    it is on my profile... I added it to my greeting.

    Best of luck bill in whatever you may do, may the sun shine on you always, perhaps after a well needed retreat you can stop by and say hello..

    Bill, I totally understand how you feel. As we get older , we have to run faster to catch up with life. I wish you the best of luck in everything you do. Take care.

    Stop buy to see us and comment when you can, never say never.....


    You are correct . I cant stand for time to pass with nothing to show for it . I want to start stacking up some blocks of computer knowledge . Like ground Hogs Day Movie I have repeated the same day for a whole year . I am bored . Not with this but with me . Woman asks me what I do and all I can say is nothing ,but I am good at it !!!! Time to get busy,thats all ,not a single adventure this year .I cant rember when I was last happy or when I laughed till a drink came from my nose . I am old and sick ,I have 4 different things each is fatal in time so its a matter of how long . So thats it . I have always enjoyed your words .
    Headless Man

    Old age is fatal, we all have that, best luck in getting a good laugh, not a whole lot funny these days.

    You mean you are not addicted anymore?    Yea,  You will be back......right?????


    Here in speaks a man of wisdom . I simply need to go live or become resigned to die here . My jeans wont fit any more ,my blood pressure is thru the roof and I am border line diabetic . I have copd as well and hours of this is killing me . Besides Iam bored . Time is passing me by . My son in Brazil is getting married soon and there will be Grandchildren ,it would be nice to see them . Another 100 hours here will kill me for sure . I need to get walking . I have enjoyed your insightful comments and your wisdom . My very best wishes for a wonderful year Bill

    Well done Bill, you deserve the rest,get out in the air, freshen those thoughts, get back into those jeans and live life to the full, Bluesman will be missed....KOTF salutes you mate!


    Its a bit sad that its not possible to vote every answer here the "BEST" I am looking forward to some skinny jeans and wearing my Tux for some fine Ballroom dancing . I have been sad too long and am looking forward to some real happiness. I enjoy your perspective and insight many times. I hope God smiles upon you and yours and brings much happiness to your door . Ill visit from time to time and share words with you again ,that I promise . Until that time may your life be filled with peace and happiness . Our paths will cross again . Bill

    Thanks Bill, wish you good luck,have fun.R.

    That easily?  I still don't get it.  I've liked you. Why the hurt feelings?


    No ,my friend this is not so, there are no hurt feelings ,and its not personal . I am old sick and tired . Time is a issue now . I need a adventure now like Indiana Jones. Those from Australian will understand when I say its time for a walk about . I wish to be excited about life and living . This year there is no personal growth at all . Iam living my verson of Ground Hogs day . Thats sad . I have enjoyed to your words and council,and your stories . I have a big soft spot in my heart for you. I wish you happy days and a great year . You have my word Ill check in with you again and share words with you .All this computer time is making me fat and not healthy so sadly its time to put this thing down and go have a adventure . I will enjoy greatly telling you about it. Bill

    Go for it then, good luck.........

    I will really miss your perspective and wisdom, Bill.  I've read all your comments to the friends who have answered before me, and I totally understand what you are saying.  My time here is extensive as well; I want so much for myself; instead of striving towards something, I bury myself here for hours.  
    Getting your health in better shape will do alot towards "healing" the bad vibes you have for your ex.  I support your decision to "get off the pot" and take care of having  a LIFE.  I've always worried about the anger you have expressed here and it's good to see that you want to get past it and get your life back on a positive foot.  
    My cousin and I were talking recently and she said something that may get you thinking, too.  "You live in the past," she said, "thinking about what should have been but wasn't.  You aren't going to be able to move forward until you stop looking back."
    I'm taking those words to heart....not sure how to look forward, (when I try, I don't see anything different) but so very tired of looking back; so very, very tired of wasting my life with the what if, should have, and why me .   
    Take good care, Bill, look forward, and let me know what you start to see.  Don't be a stranger.  Love, Phyllis 


    As always good kind and compassionate council wise and inciteful. I heard in passing on the bus one day these words : Yes if ,Ifs and buts were candy and nuts ,it would be Christmas every day . Fitting as that has just passed . Amazing its here for just 24 hours and at the stroke of midnight its gone and in that moment its 364 days away in the blink of an eye . I am not gone forever just for a bit. I have till January 31st to get "my numbers under control "or its insulin injections for life . I need to be off my big butt and out that door walking every day or be prepared to accept life with the oxygen bottle and the wheel chair . Trust me I wont do well with that . I have so enjoyed your words and the kindness of your spirit . This is not something I do without regret ,in fact its very difficult . I know only that I cannot repeat the same day 365 more times before the Christmas comes again . I havent been truly happy or had fun in a long time . Thank you Phyllis for all the wonderful words and good council . I am not gone for good Ill come and visit but for now I must say adeiu . I wish to be telling you of joy and adventures and of a new sweetheart as well ,now I must collect a few memories so there will be stories to tell . Bill

    Good to hear your positive attitude Bill,i hope 2012 is a better year for you.Drop in to say hello if you can,bye for now.


    Its 4:39 am this minute and here I am . Ill be leaving in a few hours to take the train to Santa Fe . Going to walk the plaza and see if I can sell some of my art work .Be nice to visit with the artists and hear stories of their Christmas .I always looked for your comments and answers ,well spoken and kind ,I value your words and wisdom . May this year be a blessed one full of joy and wonder . I hope God will hold you and yours in the palm of his hand and grant peace shelter and happiness for all your days .I have a blog and will post the details so you can see if I am having adventure .Lots of music and pictures a little bit of me . All my best ,I promise we will share words again . My hats off to you .I applaud your efforts and offer my respect . Bill

    Bye Bill.good luck with the leather craft.


    Thanks for you help with the connection . Did manage to get in touch and with the price of that lace it its no longer possible to work with it . I have a fantasy about bringing a Harley to Australia and selling it and buying enough good opal to make the trip pay and see some of those lovely women on your Gold Coast . Maybe share some of that great beer you guys are known for . Bill

    Yeah well,You will find plenty of Harleys here already but we can always find room for another one.The bad news.....There aren'y any opals on the Gold Coast. The chicks are there tho.
    The beer is everywhere.
    look forward to maybe seeing you some day.Goog luck mate.Tom

    I can understand the need for a little adventure. Matter of fact, I think it's a healthy thing to get out there and feel moderation of course. The older we get the more aches and pains we have to contend with. Well, good luck! I'll miss you!


    Thank you for the kind words ! They are very true ,I am quite amazed at the stack of years never thought I would get this far .There is a clarity and perspective given the older ones not given to those who are still gifted with the enthusiasm and optimism given to the young . I have admired your level headed straight ahead council.I will be back with a few stories worth telling . Now its time for my battle to begin . Bill

    you'll be back.....I think i might understand where you're coming from.....i also spend a lot of time here when i could be doing other things, maybe more productive things.......


    perhaps ,but somehow this year needs to be better . I need to devote time to new bags and new markets and some small adventures .

    the line at the exit is getting shorter .I rember the times when seeing the doctor once a year was enough . Now sadly its once a month with a whole bunch of tests each time . The reality if something dont happen with this weight and my diabetes nothing will matter . My friend called some time ago ,said his dialysis was not working and if I did not hear from him then I should figure he was gone . Its Christmas day almost midnight and there is no word from him so I wonder . This happening to me now ,not some one else ,its my story too . Steps must be taken to fix this and start being happy . Thats it no more no less ! Bill
    What's wrong, Blue? We are not good enough for you? Goodbye and good luck wherever you're heading. Don't forget us. Xoxo

    Not about anything or any one . I need to be selling my art work and trying to get back to being self sufficient,not depending on my son . If all this time is to be spent on the computer after a year I should be better at this than the year before . I am not its that simple .

    Dude, I will truly miss you. Peek in from time to time. Be cool.

    Bill sorry to hear you are leaving as you say start with the new year and I know its tough out there try and ahve a go on the EBAY a freind of mine was stiney broke and started selling stuff on ebay she is quite well off now  she  is a artist and done well  try all shops you never know you might get a break good luck for the future


    Hi! Nice to see you back where you belong, we missed you!!!

    west-bus not for long on someones elses laptop will be back probely in the New Year thank you for your lovely comment! oxoxoxo

    Go and get yourself better, have fun.

    bluesman1951,  if you are still  reading,   Hope you do get your health in better shape.   I am almost as old as you.    A few years ago I started to get back  in to shape. I can do 100 pushups a day and other things.  I have felt great from it.   Get with your Doctor to see what you can start with and make reasonable goals to meet.    I would like to hear back with  your results.............GOOD LUCK  !!!


    It will be my pleasure to provide updates and progress reports.The push ups sound like a good idea .will try that in the morning . Then my first walk . Thanks for your support . Bill

    Hey bluesman, I started with 10 pushups then slowly worked up. Do not over do it right away.



    May this year bring you adventures and the frequent need to just say WOW!!!!!!!!! I hope health happiness and ,prosperity are constant companions . May God hold you and yours in the palm of his hand and grant you shelter and peace every day . My very best wishes for a wonderful year with daily blessings . I will be back and yes indeed Ill be seeing you when I see you!!! Travel well my friend and be safe . Best wishes . Bill

    Bluesman: "Oh, please don't go. We'll eat you up we love you so." A line from Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak.

    I had to leave for awhile but I came back but cut back the time. I hope that's what you can do to. 

    Be well, Bill


    Wise and sound advice !!!!! Thats my plan exactly . My Doctors appointment is January 31st . The tests are several days before that . If I wish to avoid the diabetes meds then I must work each day on a great diet and weight loss and educating myself and on forming a good diet for life . Just keep adding one good thing at a time while releasing the bad .These next weeks each and every minute must count .Ill keep you updated from time to time . I will follow your council ,and I am grateful for the wise advice ,thats just what Ill do . Bill

    I like your plan, man. <3 suzanne

    Good luck bluesman1951.  I do hope that things turn out well for you.  Fair winds and following seas.   regards/yvonne57


    Thank you . No nicer words could be said . May this year bring for you joy happiness and calm seas. May you always be able to see forever . I will give updates from time to time .I have till January 31st to move my "NUMBERS " in the right direction . Today I plan to firm up my plan with the food part of this thing . Going to put away the frying pan and oil and get out the steamer and get some vegetables in the fridge . Planning along walk twice today . My goal this week is 1 inch from the pants . I am grateful for your kind words and good thoughts . Bill

    Dear Bill, your comments are so kind.  Don't be so hard on yourself.  Take it a day at a time.  yvonne


    Today I managed to take pictures of my art at my friends antique shop using all his cool stuff as back drops .Cant wait to see how they turn out . Got some vitamins(The over the hill kind for guys ) and payed a bill with my friend at the super market. So it was a good day . Now I go for a walk and plan the next day .Thank you for your kind words and good thoughts . Bill

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