can anybody live without music?

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    wel i think we could live without music but then life would be pretty boring like how we hav watched jawz before with the da da da da da da da da lol



    No I can't .... I am a music fool!

    not me i'm to old to rock and roll but yet to young to die..


    dont believe that for a minute Daren!!!!U want to see me dancing round my living room (i only do it when theres no one else in i must admit!)

    Who do you quote?
    Me? "I'm old enough for kissin' but I'm too young to Tango."

    I could live with out music go to the woods and there is music there

    no!!!!!!!gotta have music if only as background noise.Cant stand silence

    wel i think we could live without music but then life would be pretty boring like how we hav watched jawz before with the da da da da da da da da lol



    I can. I hardly ever listen to it. I could live without a TV also but I must have my internet. 


    oh yeaah , and how old are you??

    Why does age matter? I am 49 if it really makes a difference.

    no dont missunderstand this , i just thought if the age would make a difference, That's awesome !!

    Have a great Christmas.

    thank you , you too :)

    Ahhh music! Waking to the pitter patter of rain, drinking coffee to the sound of birds singing, dressing while my cat chats with me, driving with the sound of wind wooshing around my car, listening to the Moo cows mooing, the horses trotting, the dogs barking.  Taking in lunch as the seagulls squack and the waves crash. Hearing children laughing.  The hoot of an owl & crickets, someones heartbeat, & the slow steady breathing that comes with sleep. No, this music is the special harmony of life.....and I would miss it!!!!!


    I like the answer!

    Thanks Benthere!

    I love music so much I make my own........I can't read a note, so I just make up stuff as I go along, i play the keyboard.


    cool u must be pretty good :)

    cool u must be pretty good :)

    I have no bragging rights, but ya....I think so, I've got a style of my own, I geuss

    I love music. I could live without it but it makes life much more fun. The pitter patter of rain is too subtle for me. I want drums, guitars, keyboards, amps, flashing lights ... Bring it on. 

    Yes. Natures sounds are music to my ears.

    Not and be satisfied and happy. I mean, even if all you do is watch TV you still rely on the music in the background to set the mood.  Think of how boring your favorite movie would be with no music to set the emotional scene. How about it's ability to inspire, say patriotism, faith, happiness, compassion? It's a part of mans soul and has been since we appeared.

    Absolutely i can , If i never hear any crappy rap music again it would be wonderful. Whatever happened to the good old days, bands that had talent . The Corrs, Chicago, Starland Vocal Band, ABBA , Heart , Queen, Aerosmith, Now days it MF this, MF that. This hood culture is trashing the morality of America. Why , it s because they vote for obama. These people with low morals..

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