how can I ruduce my breast naturaly because are large

    I am a woman and have got large breast therefore I want to reduce the largeness of the breasts naturaly, therefore how can I achieve this

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    Try a healthy diet and exercise . You will lose some size with weight loss . Beyond that if your back dont hurt why do this ????


    Perhaps I can help answer this being a well-endowed woman. It may be because of the constant digging-in of the shoulder straps, day after day. It may be the incredible frustration of trying to find clothes that fit nicely over that part of your anatomy or it might be to finally quiet a certain percentage of the population that just can't seem to refrain from staring at, making a comment about or accidentally "bumping" into your breasts, for starters. I do not mean to speak for Mwepe, and I don't, but what I wrote, this I know.

    You are blessed!

    country bumpkin

    Would you say a man with very large balls was blessed? Imagine carrying them around everywhere you go. Being blessed is not always rewarding. LOL

    See if you still think this after you read my answer . So very far from the truth ! Short sighted my friend and not nearly the right perspective. I believe country bumpkin is closer to mark here .You are entitled to your opinion ,I simply wished to turn on the light for you . Read what I said below and see if you still believe this "BLESSED " to be so .

    Have a read here>>>

    I know the answer to that. You can’t exercise them to a smaller size. The only way? Weight Loss.

    Long ago ,I knew a woman briefly she passed through my life . She had just spent a year in bed being depressed . About what you might ask ,well she was just too pretty very well endowed ,huge in fact ,the whistles and stares drove her to hide in her bed for a year depressed . No where could she simply go out in peace ,nowhere !!!!! Not even a simple walk down the street was uneventful finger pointing ,whistles and what not . Her life was hell with people taking note of her incredible beauty . Inside was a sweet girl next door a kind and gentle soul whos only desire was to accepted for her not for a huge breast . She got so depressed that a hospital stay became necessary ,well while laying there thinking of her life and all those pointing fingers ,whistles ,and unwanted attention . She decided that ending her life was the only way to peace . She took a revolver and placed it between those lovely breasts the source of her misery and pulled the trigger ending her life forever . That lovely person inside never got a chance to live ,thanks to the finger pointing and whistles we call compliments . Sad yes ,but a lesson is here for all ,those things,actions  we call mistakenly compliments are not always received that way . This woman died sadly because she was too beautiful . So in regards to this I do in deed understand !   Bill

    Probably weight loss would help to some degree. But, I've also saw very thin women with big breasts. So. it would probably only be a moderate degree of change in size.


    My ex wife went on a diet and those were the first things to shrink . Thats my experience . You are correct on thin women . Bill

    If you have very very large ones the only way to do correctly and get relief would be breast reduction surgery by a certified plastic surgeon and I would really really check all that out before just having done.  Do not know if insurance company would pay for that or not they may since it is a health hazard?

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