Does anyone else find that people fake alot of kindness at this time of year?

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    I do not find so much faking kindness this time of year most seem genuine but I find it very sad that after the New Year comes in people go back to being rather unkind, mean, nasty and uncaring again.  That I find sad.


    How very true!

    It is and I sure do wish it would last year round, but I suppose we all have such stress and a load overwhelming now days that it just is.

    Yes, and it's really annoying. If anything, I would say people are more rude and have less patience.

    It seems to be a mix of fake and real-but-temporary kindness comes out of the woodwork. There are definitely those who become even ruder than when the stores weren't dangling everything under the sun at us.  The pedestrian crowds are a potentially lethal traffic jam of people.  I've been known to swing my purse back and forth just to secure my personal space! 

    I suppose I need to look at myself; if I have become kinder, how can I continue to be kinder when the season is behind us?  If I've not, what is preventing me from growing as a person and how am I going to get past that! 

    I suppose a lot would come from a real caring, empathy, sympathy, and understanding for others. Myself, I have been the recipient of people's kindness many times over, and I remember what it made me feel within myself. I enjoy passing that feeling on to others, as I believe it is one of the good things we can readily pass on as human beings. It leaves you feeling good about yourself, as it confirms what you feel toward others, and more readily allows you to understand how you fit into society in general.

    On the other hand, there are often too many people who exhibit kindness in public, with more interests in how they appear in the eyes of others observing them. To me, this seems to be very phoney and hypocritical, as those people are often times not showing their true nature. They are more interested in how they appear in the eyes of others who know them. They seem to not know what it is, to do something out of kindness and not have to take credit for it. 

    In my neck of the woods it is a mixed bag of faking and sincerity.

    Maybe their practicing, hoping it will stick.

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