To all the Australian's: Why has the price of Kangaroo lace for craft projects gone through the roof . The 1/8 inch stuff was 36.00 USD for 50 yards now its almost 100.00 USD for the same amount .What has happened to make such a increase necessary ? I wish to purchase a lot of this product but not at those price levels ?

    What are the shipping requirements  to get something from Australia to the US . Can I expect honest dealings or not ?

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    I think you will find most Aussies will deal honestly.Provided you ARE dealing with an Aussie.

    I have never heard of kangaroo lace but if you can give me some details I will look around for you,if you like.

    I know some Aussie who run a craft/haberdashery shop near my place.They may be able to help.



    Kangaroo lace is 1/8 of a inch wide and flat sold on spools in various lengths . My interest is in the 50 yard spools . You will have to goggle it for a description and picture . David Morgan is a big importer of all things Australian but they are hugely expensive . I would welcome very much any help you can provide . Thank you very much !!!!!! This lace is used as edging on wallets and fancy brief cases and in whip handles and fancy braiding in stead of rawhide ,very supple and strong easy to work with . Thanks Bill

    OK Bill.I will look around.

    Bill,Try this mob.

    Amazing Enterprizes,

    109 Golden Four Drive.



    They are advertizing 50yd rolls,$59.97(USD) plus shipping.

    I will keep looking.


    Thanks any chance for a email address ???

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