I wash my sheets on monday for my cousin how is comming dawn next tusday to stay in tell friday do i wash the gest sheets on friday

    do i wah my gest sheets agin if i need on monday

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    If the sheets have been used wash them... if no one has used the sheets then leave the bed alone.  No need to clean something that is clean.

    Wash them after your guest leaves, they are fine in the meanwhile.......

    Absolutely!  Every time you are expecting a house guest wash the sheets and make the room fresh.


    i are everdy wash the guest sheet on monday do i need to wash the guest sheet on tusday moring

    If these sheets ahve been used or any of the bedding please wash them I would hate to sleep in a bed that has been slept in by someone else and make the room clean and fresh and nice for your cousin you will better by doing this and put some fresh flowers in vase this will look like you have made a effort

    Funny, I have never thought to ask someone if they washed my sheets before I arrived. I believe that would be rude.

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