What is the best advice you have ever GIVEN?  To whom was it given, under what circumstances, and did the person follow your advice?  What was the outcome, whether followed or not...............

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    When I was in school (Pottery) I sat beside a young girl (early twenties) who began sharing stories of her life with me.  She eventually told me of her relationship with her live in boyfriend.  I gave her a step by step plan to escape from the situation.  Eighteen months later my teacher pulled me aside and told me that this student had come back to see him with a message of thanks for me.  She was much happier and living her life on her own terms.

    This happened with a young girl I worked with as well.  Months later she phoned me long distance to tell me she was doing well and free of her situation.


    fish girl, gave you a TU but not sure if its working

    It's not many who can make a case for getting out of a bad relationship and actually convince the person to DO something just from the good advice! Did you ever think of being a therapist, psychologist, counselor, etc. type? You think with both sides of your brain!

    I've been running my mouth for so many years, to so many people, all with good intentions mind you, who knows if any of them ever took my advise to heart. Probably not. No one ever came back to me and claimed they had a revelation after I spoke to them.


    Well, what do they know anyway!??

    Not to work in welfare unless you wan't to help people, the pay is satisfaction, and that doesn't really pay the bills, the young guy now is a marine biologist and does casual work with us, so he has a well paid job he loves and still helps people that he finds satisfying and rewarding


    Not sure either but A for enthusiasm!

    Sounds like you gave good advice to someone smart enough to think about and follow it!

    "What is the best advice you have ever GIVEN?"

    Advice....What would you tell your best friend? Said to anyone who has a personal issue that they can not figure out. 


    Excellent answer....kind of what I do at the doctor's office...."If YOU were in my situation, what would YOU do?"
    Thanks, Colleen.

    Colleen, I had a good friend of many years, she met a guy I hated, she chose to stay with him, I had to identify her body 6 months later, stabbed 47 times and leaving 4 little boys without a mum (he suicided too)

    Sorry to hear that lambshank but what does that have to do with what I said?

    Bob/KKB, Im really proud and happy for him, and  am fast becoming an expert on sharks, he tells me all when we work together, a great young man, and yes smart enough to know he needed a good financial start in life


    :D It must always feel good to see him and know that you helped him make a good choice. I have a young friend who is doing well, at 25, and says I am the one who "turned him around" when he was 12. Good stuff.

    I said, "Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem" and they are living proof that it helped...


    That's pretty straightforward!

    You're not going to kill yourself over the possibility of getting cancer. And you are not going to choose not to fight. Suicidal people have intangible problems (this saying has saved me a number of times....)Time heals all etc. Suicide doesn't give time a chance......

    Well i did  mention to a young lad named georgy bush, back in high school to run for school president , stick with the politics someday your going to be someone.


    Bush! BUSH!! BUSH!!! Any relation to the infamous family??
    "Someone" leaves alot to the imagination!

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