do you love America?

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    Land of the free and home of the brave... I love the United States of America ... From sea to shining sea.  I love outlet malls and Disney Land.  Frank Lloyd Wright, The Wright brothers and the Blues Brothers.  I love almost all of the Canadian Actors and Musicians who have gone to live in this fair land and the International Movement of Artificial Finger Nails.  I love NINE INCH NAILS, Jimi Hendrix and Pearl Jam.  I love San Diego and Yosemite.  I love the American Movement of Modern Art and the invention of Duct Tape (Highly Useful Stuff, that is) ... My all time favorite thing about the United States of America is their great and wonderful neighbour country to the North ... That peaceful and beautiful land called CANADA!  The country that embraces almost everything AMERICAN especially and specifically Outlet Mall Shopping and Cheaper Gas Prices.

    Happy Birthday America! 


    Yes I have lived there and now back in the UK but still love the USA


    glad somebody outside the USA likes us

    mycatsmom I am surprized I thought most people loved Americans! thanks for the comment xxx

    The u,s,a, is  great ,after england,


    I beg to differ, but TU to you just the same,lol...

    Of course I love it, I don't know anything else, there is nothing to compare it to.....


    Not well travelled then jh, and yet your scalloped cabbage is out of this world tasty, who would,ve thought!

    No, I've been pretty much stuck in Texas though I crossed the border once to Mexico...Glad you liked the cabbage, I'm surprised you made it so soon. Be sure and eat cabbage on New Years Day for money throughout the year...

    what a small life you live

    Depends on the outlook and attitude and prospects.... You do what you can do, I'm happy if unworldly....

    No idea, never been there, but some of the food  combos sound a bit strange to me, but I guess I shouldn't say too much about that considering we put vegemite on toast, some American friends likened it to salty axle grease!


    Does EVERYONE eat huge meals..or is that just in the movies??..i only eat little meals!:-)

    millie- most restaurants in the US serve huge portions. I call them supper and leftovers! Some of us still scavenge and graze (small meals or snacks)... but there are quite a few overweight people around.

    I thought Vegemite was a made-up word from some old " I Love Lucy " episode .

    wait til you hear about vegemite- has not a thing to do with vegetables.

    Vegemite is a yeast extract made from brewers yeast,it's a dark,sticky,salty paste,yummo on toast

    Never really thought about it much, doesn,t concern me much, can,t be bothered thinking about it too much, much much more important things to think about, hmm, coffee or tea??? ye coffee I think.



    Shut it skirt man. You know you love the USA.

    Kilt man if you don't mind.

    I'm citing you for excessive use of exclamation points.

    I love coffee!



    Certainly not cause of our president..

    Its one of greatest countrys in the world lived there loved it when I was there and still love it everybody who lives their should be very grateful

    From the bottom of my heart. Happy birthday America!!!

    Never been there. Am I missing something?


    Hi west-bus you must go and see a America if you get a chance wonderful country anyway how are You ! long time know here!!! hope you are keeping well and the Family and the cat xxx

    ""The two things i Loved about America is the magnificent road system and the generosity of the people other than that take it or leave it.  'HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA'.


    Wow, LOL, I've heard a lot of non-USAers comment on the States but you are the first to mention the roads!

    1917 and 1941, thanks USA for helping us in Europe.

    It is still a good country to live in when you compare it some but I think she maybe at the end of her rope as a great nation.

    I love the country and its people , but not our government!


    Ann I think what country you live in I dont know anyone who loves their Goverment xxx

    I think we all love our own countries first and foremost but the video Digger posted in the Fourth Of July thread, by Gordon Sinclair, does point up reasons why the U.S has been a good ally down through the years.

    Left Mother England, all because of a cuppa tea. (JOKE) !! :)

    Yes I love America, Canada , from sea to sea land of the free, question is how much longer?


    I love the song......." Proud To Be An American ......."  by Lee Greenwood.  That should be our national anthem.I was just going to say what Ann said. Great minds think alike, Ann ;-)


    Yes, I love my country and proud to be third generation American citizen. we have been on this soil since 1879.


    Daisy, the Native Americans were just acting as caretakers till the settlers moved in. lol.

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