Do you believe television?

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    Yes!  It actually exists!  I will bet most people here would agree on that.

    As for what comes out of it; some yes and some no.  Just like the internet.  Remember: there is no such thing as objective or unbiased.  Think for yourself.  Anyone anywhere who says anything is influenced by their personal experiences or opinions - no matter how unbiased or smart they claim to be.

    Well yes but dont quite what you are meaning! do you mean what is put either documentrys then yes the news and the Media then know use to work in the media tooooooo many lies I dont watch much TV but I do like a fact based Film good question thanks xx

    If you are talking about the news, no. They only report what the hand that feeds them wants us to know. Hardly ever the truth.


    If you wanna know what's really goin' on out there, listen to a.m. radio at night.....listen to George Noory from 1am--5am. EST . Also, watch some of the Christian stations on TV. They'll tell you the truth about our government

    Thanks mycatsmom, I will try that.

    Ratings motivate the news not truths. The talking heads are ego maniacs who love to hear themselves talk. My answer: No, the news for the most part is full of s***.


    You missed out depressing repeated Sh--
    ed shank

    I have through the years watched every news source at one time or another. I feel the most honest and unbiased is Fox News. Many hate it, but in my opinion those who do are Liberals the ACLU, NAACP, the American Communist party. Sometimes the truth hurts.

       I like to laugh at the sit-coms, cry with the sappy movies, be on edge with the dramas, grit my teeth and cringe with the MMA,   answer in the form of a question, and spin the wheel for big money (NOT buying vowels).  


    Buying vowels is a waste of money! lol

    I believe it's a waist of time watching but i do it ant how..

    I love discovery, animal planet and the crime channels, also a bit addicted to some of the cooking programs, I work shift work and find its a good way to unwind and about the only thing that puts me to sleep.(no one to talk to when I get home)


    TV is often a good way to fall asleep. :)

    I love those shows too. We would make good roomates, if we went on a trip together.

    Believe Nothing You Hear And Only Half What You See!


    spoken like a true dad

    If it makes any sense,i listen to the radio on mine,nothing worth watching

    YES I Believe every single thing the news paparazzi say!  Even when they contradict themselves.  Even when they are dead wrong.  Even when I personally know the person they are talking about & it's all lies.  I believe every advertisement too.  If I drink a certain beer 20 something models will come to my house and drool all over me.  If I drive a certain car then I'm socially accepted.  If I eat at McDonalds I'll love it!  After all Elvis lives!


    There 's a guy works down the chip shop named Elvis

    OMG- does he sing well? LOL

    Given a choice I would choose to believe TV rather than our government but it would be a close call .....

    " The only thing worth beliv-in in is ( akaQA) ! " on the the computer.! :)

    If that's your real picture, you're good lookin' !  Do you like older women ? Haha

     T V is not for entertainment, or education anymore. It is to sell the sponsors product

    Add a pinch of salt to everything...

    I know how TV and other electronic gadgets work. I could not accept electronic appliances being around without understanding how they work. Otherwise it would be magic for me and I couldn’t stand that.  

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