Is there a Big Foot?

    Watched a science team try to find the answer, after months of research, they are still undecided.

    10,000 people all over the world say they have seen one, there are hot spots where the sighing occurred. What do you think?

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    4 Answers

    It is illegal to shoot a Sasquatch in British Columbia... It's because they have big feet.

    ... And so there are at least two big feet...

    Why have a law if they don't exist!


    Why is it wrong to have 2 big, dead feet?

    I doubt it, but enjoy the stories anyway, a bit like the Loch Ness monster, the Tassie tiger etc

    Either way, I think it's a good way to create jobs. I'll bet they could lure him in with a nice comfortable pair of shoes.


    If you were a Sasquatch with two big dead feet you would think it was wrong... How can a Sasquatch be elusive without the living big feet? Without the feet every would know exactly where the Sasquatch was. The mystery would end. Sad and true... thank goodness for the law.

    Thank you goodness!

    You gotta see some of the locals here, yes they're all around me.

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