married, and in love for the first time, is it okay to be unfaithful to my husband??

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    chaiu, you are getting pretty close to being suspended little missy. Watch your finger on that Thumbs Down button. I see you have given what 12 TD's over some stupid question you asked. That takes points aways from you too. NO MORE! yvonne57

    you have given 8 TD's not 12. It's still just as bad.

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    Chiau, you don't have a clue what the true meaning of love is if you are thinking about cheating after you told everyone that you are married and in love. 

    If you have no morals, no standards, no pride, and you enjoy hurting people and making yourself look like a brainless fool, go right ahead.

    Now is there any reason at all, why you think that your question is an intelligent one?


    Because I have morals, I am asking this question, Its not about an intelligent question or not.. I have not done or intend to do anything... I know is not right, the key word here,,,, Is Real Love =) You Get It????

    No I don't GET IT! Do you? You might want to read some of the other responses and then start using your brain!

    I don't get it either. Your statements and questions make no sense, chiau

    How would you feel If it was the other way around?.Theres only one Name I can think to call you .But wont lower myself to your level .

    While packing your bags to leave ( which you should ) remember to put your husbands dignity in as well, simply because your husband won,t have any, and your new " love " sure needs it. Shame on you and your " lover ".

    I just dont understand why you asked such a ridiculous question.What did you expect,people to condone it?

    NO, it is not OK to be unfaithful to your husband.  You can't give me a circumstance when I would tell you it's OK to be unfaithful to your husband.....not even the one where he is in a coma, expected to live for decades yet never awaken.  
    DIVORCE him and "google" whomever will have you.  


    ICK is right!

    Wasn't fidelity part of your vows? Are you used to going against your words? Break up the marriage before you do something so serious...........

    NO. Why have a Husband if you are looking to be unfaithful to him? divorce him? why not? he has money you want? OK. If you want his money and not him for himself, then you married under false pretenses? Annul the marriage. 


    and it costs a lot of money to annul a marriage. and you have to be Catholic

    how old are you? how old were you when you got married? why did you get married? in what country are you living? whom are you in love with? are your both parents alive? did you ask them what to do?  

    Not  NO BUT HELL NO.....

    After looking at some of your other questions I think you are just on the prowl and wouldn't know love if it bit your butt!


    and that's sad..... :-(

    Just noticed the tag"true love".Pricelesss!!!!When your husbands booted you out theres a career for you in stand up comedy!

    Don't do it, honey. If you intent to do anything, honor your vow and husband by divorcing him first.

    the only answer to this question is a two letter word


    2 thumbs down from you on the same questions? OUCH! BOO HOO!


    She TD'd you?

    yes she did for my first two answers! I guess the truth hurts! LOL

    Just cancelled them out LOL

    You are married and NOW is your first time in love? You have commitment problems! Let your husband go- Then pursue your fantasies!

    We lived in a house where a husband had come home from his job at an unexpected time and found his wife in bed with her lover. Hubby stabbed the guy and blood spurted ALLL over the house. We didn’t know this before we rented the place.

    After we had lived in the house for a couple of months, I found out about the violence that had happened. My husband and kids weren’t surprised at all. That place was so haunted. A chill  wind blew down the hall. We heard windows shatter where there were no windows. Just oddities. 

    I know that before you buy a house the realtor has to inform you if there was violence before moving in. I don’t know if that’s a law for renters. (CA)



    itsmee, Did you guys live there a long time?

    We lived there for two miserably unhappy years.

    No, not worth the trouble or sexual viruses you will get. You will get one of them.

    NO,NO,NO Absoutely not!

    Give your head a shake.

    Now put yourself on the other side of the question... How would you feel if it were your husband asking this question or worse going through with the deed... Grab some Kleenex and start running home to Mom.... Welcome to one of the most painful days of your life.

    Give your head another shake and get a hobby.


    the 2x4 ur husband will use on ur head will be more painful. listen to fishy

    I'm confused. Are you in love with your husband,or the man who  you say  you want to go out with ?

    Why'd  you get married, if you weren't done scouting around for other men?

    Being married and finding a person more in tune with your thinking and emotions is not unusual, it happens ever minute of the day. End your marriage legally and pursue your emotions. If your "True Love" can't wait that long, he's looking for a fast F***. He will always be suspicious of you for cheating if you do this now to your husband.

    I feel sorry for your husband, and I think the only favor you could do him is to leave, I don't think anyone deserves a partner like you

    You already know the answer to that question, un-less your are a cheater. But I don't don't beleive you are a cheater. You should exspect more than faithfulness also. Security,hope,a home, automoble, insurance on you and car. So girl you got your work cut out,but you will pull it off,with a Happy 50's

    Here's an idea. Both of you convert to Islam if you're not Moslems already, go to a Moslem country where the Koran is the LAW and interpreted literally and just do it. You can tell the authorities to reserve the same hole for you!


    The administrators removed this picture the last time you used it. I have now removed it also. Please do not use this picture again. It is highly offensive to the people of the religion who do not practice stoning women and highly offensive to all women. Please do not use another religion as an insult. It is offensive to followers of the religion. Not all followers of the Islamic religion are radicals and believe in doing harm. They are peace loving people and do not deserve your insulting manner towards their religion and use of their religion to try and insult others with.

    Clonge, knock it off!

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