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    Ummm,What was the question again?

    Look up on this page. I see blue print that reads “Simple Dementia Tests” www.JohnHopkins Health haven’t checked it ...  

    The following are guidelines:

    1.Difficulty in using the telephone,2. Refusal to drive or use public transport. 3. Can't fill in a cheque, pay a bill, or manage a budget. 4. Forget to take medicines. 5. Loss of short-term memory. 6. Difficulty with speech. 7. Problems with behaviour.


    That's the description of my mother when she got into her late 80s :-(

    An expert on Alzeimers/Dementia told me that sometimes people believe that if they can't remember where they put their car keys, dementia may be setting in.  That is not the case, he said.  "Even teenagers forget things."  It is more like this, he said.  "When you have the car keys in your hand, and you cannot remember what to do with them, that could be the beginning of a problem". However, other things can also cause forgetfulness...medications, stress, illness, etc. Talk to a health care provider.

    I don't remember.  Do I know you?  Where am I?  Let me go! I'll bite you!  Do I know you?  Stop trying to feed me!


    It's not quite so funny when you are hearing those words from a loved one. Have you experienced that? Sadly, the chances are VERY good, that one day, you will.

    Good way to say, doolittle. I think it takes it all in ... even the Paranoia and the aggression.

    I used to have a doctor named Doolittle. I picked him because of his name.

    forgetfulness. Repeating the same statement over and over. And yes, I agree with Doolittle, b/c I have worked in nursing homes as an LPN----that paranoia can be a symtom of dementia.... They will say someone is stealing the money, or something like that.  And some will cuss and swear like a sailor and they've never done that before---when they were well. Some will call people by the N word, and they didn't when they were well, b/c they knew better. Some people who have dementia will revert to their native language , when they spoke very good English when they were well.

    Ducky pleas read itsmee's comment.  And yes, not only have I experienced it in my own family, I've taken care of many patient's and their loved ones going through this.  It is a very difficult thing for families to go through.  Especially when the paranoia and aggression come to light.  The first time 911 was called because I wasn't recognized as me but as a 'mean person holding them hostage' I was shocked. & I felt very bad that someone had to end their days in such a state of fear.  Because dementia and alzheimers run in my family (and my memory is starting to fade at a younger than most age) i can only hope i will be a happily demented patient.  Sorry if I offended you.

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