what is the best friend?


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    A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.

    The one looking at you in the mirror.


    So true, didn't consider that.............

    the one you have the confidence to share many things with and feel they will not betray you.

    ed shank

    Be loyal unto thyself.

    A best friend will always be your friend, thick or thin, good and bad, honest and worthy.  You don't have to have just one by the way.  Different people fill different bills...........

    If you have a best Friendthen look after that relationship its very specail that person will be with you till the end what ever you do they will forgive you

    A best friend is some who reaches out to touch your hand but instead touches your heart..


    Great response, that is truly when you know you have friend in that person!


    I feel a little devilish. A friend is someone, when you call them and say you killed someone, they show up with a shovel!

    Oh, I'm going to bit the dust on this one!


    Brilliant answer Daisy,be even better if theyll help you dig the hole!

    This is true! Thanks!

    Like it, for the loyalty of true friendship!!

    A best friend is someone who has your back.  Someone you can share interests and adventures with.  A great laugh and huge acceptance.   A true friend is rare and something to be treasured... You can call every day and that's ok or leave it for a while... oh poop!  You never leave it for a while!

    If you are blessed to have one best friend in life then you are truly wealthy.  It is something to be treasured.  It is wonderful.

    Im with ed and okay!



    The ULTIMATE friend, if we will only listen and respond...........
    Headless Man

    So true.......

    The one who patiently listens to  your deepest  concerns, life-issues  and does not judge, preach to , or disqualify you.  They love you,...and stand by and support you, always.  That is a true friend. They know you will find your way in the end and don't feel the need to nag or reprimand you in the interim.  They are comfortable and reliable. They are always there, even when their own  lives demand their attention. They love AND care about your well-being. A real friend is thus..

    A friend in need is a friend indeed, that saying has been around since Adam was a boy, fortunately for me it has applied a  few times, it certainly tells you who your true friends are.


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