mone,money,money,worry,worry,worry.what do you think?

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    They say money talks, mine always says goodby...

    NO money, NO money, NO money....Worry, Worry Worry

    I don't have enough money to worry about............

    How do you punctuate?

     fun fun fun worry worry worry

    Fun (period)   Fun (period)  Fun (no period)

    Worry Worry Worry (Exclamation Point)

    Just trying to distract us here.   : D   


    A total WORRY at all times unless you are a millionaire ! but i have had money and no one to share and then no money and plenty of love ha! you cant buy it x


    You can buy friends who are pretentious but you cant buy happiness and wholeness

    About what? 


    that's for you to analyse. is money++ asource of worry etc.

    Not to me. You don't worry. You work harder, get a second job if needed and spend less.

    I think you have me "worried".

    If you have enough (about $2M) your worries are over.


    You are kidding right ??? What is the daily cost to just park 2 million ? I believe there is more to it than just that . Why do you think all these lottery winners end up broke shortly after. Boat loads of money create boat loads of problems . Keep it away from me . I am fine with enough anything more is just asking for trouble . Do you think Donald Trump worries ? Bet he does !!!! He has a lot more than 2 Mil. Bill

    I think that if you're a wise man you'll be able to control your urges and just live a stressless life out of those $2M.
    I know people who do just that - keep their lives simple and breeze through them.

    BTW - you'll never know they are Millionaires because they won't show it, so you end up not hearing or knowing about them but they are all around you.

    bluesman, well said. $2m may get you out of food and shelter worries but creat other worries lik where to invest, what is x or y happens etc.

    I you can get 3% net yield on your money (Interest rates will get back to normal in a few years) you have a yearly income of $60,000.
    If you keep your job you can easily climb to $100,000 a year and that should be enough for most people.
    I think you worry way too much about and over money.

    Btw, my motto is this: I ask God to give me just enough so I won't steal; don't give me too much, I might forget or ignore HIM.
    ed shank

    Living in a cardboard refrigerator box in the park is scarier than worrying about money now. Great Motto though.

    If my wife and live for another twenty years we will need, without counting new vehicles or vacations $1,000,000.00 minimum, that's at today's prices without a mortgage. So a Million dollars although it sounds like a lot of money it isn't. Should you get real sick, you can be broke in a year. Money is something to worry about. I'm sure that applies to many here as well.



    'time!'- aren't we short of it?

    we all are given just sufficient time to complete life's mission. It's US who waste it and abuse using given time!

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