The best gift I ever.....

    GAVE was to ___(whom)____for ___(reason) __.    It was ___(what)__ and the reason I think it's the best gift I ever gave is because ___(why)___. 

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    I love your questions. You are awesome.

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    I grew up in the inter-city with a mix of young kids from all walks of life. I'm not sure of what grade I was in at the time of my gift to a classmate, either the third or fifth. This kid would show up in clothing that was either to small or too big. I remember thinking he was probably wearing his fathers shirt with the sleeves rolled up. On occasion he would wear shoes that were much to big for his small feet.  At times he wore several pairs of socks and no shoes. It was very cold one day and he had walked to school barefoot. I always felt sorry for the kid as he was the brunt of many jokes and much ridicule. He was always quiet and embarrassed, obviously because of his dress. I mentioned this classmate to my mother and asked if I had an extra pair of shoes that I could give him. After I approximated his foot size, we found a pair of shoes my brother had outgrown. I gave him the shoes and although not a perfect fit he wore them for quite some time. We eventually moved and did not see him anymore.

      Many years later I was doing a renovation on my first house and had to get a building permit at city hall. I noticed a well dressed man staring at me, he approached me and asked me my name, I replied and he introduced himself. He was the kid I gave my brothers shoes too. He shook my hand, and we exchanged a few memories and off we went our separate ways. I later found out that he became the first black deputy Mayor of our  town.



    Gifts from the heart and "sole". Thank you for your memory, ed shank.
    ed shank

    The memory actually put a tear in my eye and a smile on my face.

    The best gift I ever gave was the birth of my son to his father who was told he could never have children. 

    The best gift I ever received was the gift of my husband when I had given up hope and stopped thinking about it.

    I am blessed and thankful.


    That's lovely, fishgirl.

    This answer comes straight from your beautiful heart, fish girl! THANK YOU.
    (my ex-husband had been told he wasn't likely to father children. three sons in less than four years......)

    Three sons in less than four years... that is blessed. I have a wish in my heart for you Bob. :)

    The gift of children and grandchildren who love me and treat me as though I am someone special when in reality I am just a old bloke who seen heaps on this blue dot.


    Us ole blokes and blokettes certainly are rich beyond measure when we have grandchildren! Especially when they think we are soooo cool!

    The best gift I ever gave was some much needed sock for my housemate...............


    You are just waaaay too funny!

    One of the best gifts i ever gave was a regular guitar to a boy i use to work with and a bass guitar for his brother.  we had gone in a music store one day and they loved these instruments but dad could not afford them.  a year later i got them those instruments at Christmas time. one the best gifts i ever received was my next door neighbor's mother, let me borrow her watch to go to a prom.  My parents did not have a lot of money and i could not afford a watch.  One of the reason i am generous to this day is because of that lady loaning me her watch.  i thought it was the greatest gift.  So if i can help others get things they wish for and desire.  i try to inspire them regarding how they can achieve their wishes.  I'm trying to inspire myself right now.



    You've inspired me (and Benthere is inspiring too) to be generous in my heart, which has been closed and self-centered for awhile lately. Thanks for another meaningful message, tabber.

    My best gifts are my children. I watched both of them come into this world. It is the greatest miracle of life to watch your children being born. I am so blessed. I am so grateful.


    ....and for all the heartaches or disappointments, trials and errors, we would gladly give our lives for them.
    You are truly blessed, winfia, to have children and understand the miracles and gifts they are.

    Thank you MsB - I appreciate you!

    Still waiting...


    Still waiting to GIVE the best gift? How about, so far, the best gift you have given....

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