Just what is your input of the Air Force dumping creamated remains of Troops in a Va. Landfill

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    Is there a link to this report on the web,can,t find any?

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    I saw that one today, also. It is disgusting and a terrible way to treat people who fought and died for their country. It is despicable and I agree with Bluesman.


    I wish you weren't telling me this .Frankly when it comes to the United States Government  nothing surprises me . I love my country but find myself with nothing but contempt for those in charge . Look at any police action on TV and you will see they are ready for all out war with the people they swore to serve and protect . Perhaps when we are called the great Satan its not far from the mark . Just another sad chapter in the decline of this country . Shameful way to treat those who gave it all !


    you said it right..

    If this is a fact then your people responsible should be hung, drawn and quarted.

    I always treat these stories as possible journalistic furphys.

    If it is true it is the most disgusting indictment on the USA government.

    For those who don`t know a furphy is a rumour. Stems fro the water cart in the First World War that brought water up from the rear. The soldiers gathered around the cart for the latest news but much of it was exaggerated.

    The carts were made by a company named FURPHY  from Melbourne and the name Furphy was on the water tank.

    So a mileading truth was a "Furphy"

    absolutely disgusting,..

    Appalling, disrespectful, unforgivable....

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