What dog breed do you like best? Mine is chihuahua.

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    My favorite is the black lab though I own a yellow lab mix..........

    Thats a great breed.  Mine is german shorthair pointer


    ""           I have always loved German Shepherds, they are my favorites.


    I love a dog that looks like a dog and not a rat, shepherds of all types are beautiful.
    Mus be honest I preferred the original shepherd when in many countries it was call alsatien due to dislike of Germany.
    That was befor the breeders bred that sloping back in place of the straight original one.
    Caused hip dsyplasia as well.

    Thank you for that wonderful info Peoplelover, I would loved to see the original shepherd.Very interesting.

    when can i come and collect her???!!

    Another vote for German Shepherds..........


    i'm pretty fond of collies , probably cause i had one as a kid, extremely smart dogs as well..

    All dogs are great! A mutt or Heinz 57 is my favorite

    My favorite is Bangkaew dog from Thailand. The Thai Bangkaew Dog is compactly built and square in profile. It is well proportioned, with a smooth gait. It is thought that this breed of dog was an interbreed between a dog and a jackal or dhole. Its tail curls upwards like that of a squirrel. It's the most gorgeous and loyal dog I have ever seen. This breed of dog loves to dig (so true with ours).  Mine is 2 years old.


    Yorkshire Terriers, they always seem like they just asked a question and they're waiting for an answer !

    Pekinese, they're so pretty but it doesn't mean a thing to them.


    " Australian Shepherd "

    ""Staffordshire Bull Terrier are my favourite.

    As I said to Space ghost I prefer a dog that looks like a dog, that is a medium to large breed.

    However all dogs are wonderful creatures that give unconditional love.

    I have had a varirty, pure breds, cross between a bull bitch and a window shutter but all wonderful.

    "Special" dogs were Shep a blue Kelpie in my late teens early twentys, Jedda a absolutley gob smacking devoted friend, a pure bred Rottweiler that you could not fault for gentleness and love. They broke the Rottie mould after they made her.

    My current Inca a border collie belgian shepherd cross who gives me a reason to laugh and feel good about myself.


    The Flat Coated Retriever.  Glorious dog.

    I've been blessed to know many fine dogs. Ernie was one of my favorites, a dachshund with a surplus of personality. Penelope, a doxie-terrier mix was the female counterpart!


    I had a Dachsy cross for years.I think he was the best dog I've ever had.


    I have had a mini dachshund who was given to me by a friend and still have a Lhapso Apso, that was given to me by my son.

    Im in the Shepherd camp too!Mine is black and gold longhaired,probably more black on him than Randys .And hes smart too but it pains me to admit it ,hes not as bright as the border collie we had (dont tell him that though!)

    mine is a GREAT DANE i LOVE big dogs always have i dont know why though but right now i have 6 dogs that r all GREAT DANES

    Been a big dog most of my life until these little guys taught me about Dogs,,<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>..Shi-Tzu,they are not named "The little Lion Dog"for nothing....Image result for shih tzu photos


    Nice photo Terry, he'd be the perfect companion for Grumpy the Cat.

    Had a Great Dane (Herbert) many years ago. Dog was so protective of me, no one could come within twenty feet of me, wife included. I reported a break in at my shop while still living in the city. The police were walking up the driveway and I hadn't tied him up yet. They shot and killed him. This dog was huge and I probably would have reacted the same way. A good animal but too protective. I did have a friend with dog training experience try to spend time with him but to no avail. Not sure if this common for the breed.

    Golden Retriever<!--StartFragment-->Image result for golden retriever puppies<!--EndFragment-->

    well lol my dog is a multies teria and i dont no why when he goes out on a walk if their is a dog phoo he will just slide on it and smalls bad just after a clean bath why does dogs do that.

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