what type of wine is used when having a steak dinner

    steak dinner with a date, what color wine and type of dinner wine

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    "My personnel favorite is red (Bordeaux) with a grilled porterhouse steak,covered in my own barbecue sauce recipe,baked potatoe with sour cream & chives, corn on the cob,ranchstyle jalepeno beans,home made macoroni salad, & home made peach cobbler pie & old fashion vanilla made ice cream.Afterwards the relaxation with my tobacco pipe." "Theres only one way to do it in (AZ). The right way!" "Tell ya what!" :)


    Have wine/will travel!

    Red, see here for suggested wines

    MD 20/20, or RIPPLE.


    20/20 ? in the Uk thats engine oil. Whats ripple?
    ed shank

    MD 20/20 is a cheap wine in the states that will rot your guts out, It's also called "Mad Dog" for a reason. Ripple is a fine wine which is fermented for about six hours than sold. Also a brain killer.

    Engine oil then.

    ahh.. one of my favorites ed.. back in high school...

    The rule of thumb (versus toe) is red for red meat, white for white meat (fish, pork). I don't like red wine much;  
    Chardonnay or White Zin are my favorites.  
    The people saying red wine know what they are talking about, for the most part.
    I would add to ed shank's pathetic list  "Two Buck Chuck", available at Trader Joe's.   Also, if you check the labels of the really cheap wines, you may find startling ingredient labels that state (and I am not kidding), "Made with real grapes".   Romos should have fun with that. 


    Why? yer wee typo made me think of a few retorts, but I can,t concentrate due to the hurricane winds and F*****G horizontal rain battering at my windows, 2 chimneys in the area down already, yikes, haven,t seen it as bad for many moons. que sera sera,KOTF!

    Any good red wine, can't decide which but then, I like red wine............

    A glass of gypsy Rose  is ok  or  Mad Dog   18 oz. glass Or Boons Farm  is ok too


    Gibsons is ok not sure if its still brewed lol

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