Whats a good thing to sell to 11-14 year old classmates?

    Im going on a trip on saturday and REALLY want to bring mi iPod with me, but i need $45 more to buy it. How can I make $45 in a week? I already do chores, which should bring me down to $30. My babysitting has been put on hold until another customer calls. What should I do now?

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    How about cutting grass or walking peoples dogs? Feed peoples' animals when they (people)  go on holidays.

    It would be nice to "give than to sell you are working your way up to be a "Scam person .Know what I mean.give for nothing makes you feel better.


    I would think entrepreneur would be a much better word than a scam. I didn't see anything in her question that led me to believe she was going to scam anyone.

    Use your head, kids have change, My son 20 years ago use to go to the local candy store and buy a 100 hot balls, i believe is what they were called, hot round gum balls, for $5. Take them to school and sell them for .25 each, a profit of $20 on a $5 investment. Worked great until the school made him

    Cookies and cup cakes ,throw a party at school and call it what is is a fund raiser ,ask for donations or do outright sales . You already have a head for business seems like you will do just fine . Please write back and tell us all how this turns out for you . You could do some banana nut bread and cookies and sell them door to door to your customers that you already have in the neighbourhood . Go to your local super market and ask if you can do carry outs  help the people with groceries  for tips . When you are trying people will be glad to help . I wish you the greatest of luck with this . Please tell us how this turned out .   Bill

    My son made a small fortune buying packs of gum and selling by the piece. He also sold pencils and ink pens.

    He also charged other kids a dollar for 15 min of reading a Playboy mag. I still don't know where he got it and I don't recomend it. Thats what really got him in trouble.

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