Whats the point ? I answer a question and there is no vote up or down with my answer . More censor ship !!!!! Grow up !!!!!!

    What kind of childish games are in the works now . Feels like the Soviet Union . Redacted censorship . There is freedom of speech you know .

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    I don't understand what has been censored?

    There, I gave you a thumbs up!

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    What exactly are you looking for?


    The thumbs up or down have been removed from my questions . I have no way to give a thumbs up or down

    I did thank you for your support but Colleen has removed my comments re this child's photographs from this and I thank you again for your comments - ignore - easy to say but this was so horrendous and to add to this I have been told I am demented by eggplant. In addition to my comments being taken off - although I was suspended for far less.xx

    Can,t answer that one mate unusual as it is, perhaps a mod could. TU to you.

    Hey!!!!!  The PANDAS in  Edinburgh are called................. wait for it!!!!!!! , SWEETY,and SUNSHINE!!!!! You couldn,t f*****g make it up.

    Just send to the admin  if there is an issue with the program. I'm seeing TU and TD's on my screen. Can you get me a screen shot of your pages with no TU or TD buttons? Please stop with the "censorship" cry. You are not being censored but there has to be some level of censoring here to keep the members from seeing filth and nasty questions. 

    Just a reminder, you will not see a TU or TD button on your own comments because you can not give yourself TU's or TD's. You will only see the buttons on others comments and questions. 

    When you can't give a thumbs up or down,you will find that you haven't logged in to the site.


    Not the case ,just another computer glitch I guess. Its over and life goes on . Thanks for the answer and your time . Bill

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