do you want more children

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    are you crazy? i would be a blithering idiot before they were two years old ! or totally insane

    I've always wanted one more child but alas, time is against me.............

    I love children and I love being a Mom even when things are not always rosy.  I would love another child or six! 


    poor hubby "SIX all them sleepless nights dipper changing ( nappies in the UK )"wicked woman.You have it easy lying back having babies Heee

    Do you? 

    ""Are you kidding?

    I love children and enjoy their being near by. At this point in my life more children would not give me the time with them I would enjoy otherwise yes. That opportunity will not long remain away from our association. Life in these forms is too brief and isn’t all there is to life in eternity.


    My three sons are of adult ages.  I would have loved a 4th son.  I would have loved to have had twin sons.  
    Now, do I want more children?  If my age and health (mental as well as physical) could support it, and I had a reliable husband, I would go for it. 

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