isn't religion bashing bad in every way including being unpeaceful?

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    Why would you want to get the "drama" going again by asking this? Some religious people make fun of non believers (or try to convert them), the non believers make fun in return or fight back when the religion is persistently shoved at them. If earth was meant to be a peaceful place, it would still be a tranquil garden. 


    Colleen get that religion category out if you don;t like But let freedom of speech prevail for all,
    I seem to get a feeling that you take negative view on things. Be positive so the outcome is such. You are knowledgeable on issues so give all the benefit of that. Sorry for the lecture.

    You've been sounding pretty negative to me when it comes to the topic of religion and anyone who mentions it. You have free speech. Your question is still here isn't? I do not need your lectures. I listen to the administrators when it comes to how the forum runs. If you do not like the way it runs, you are always free to seek one that runs just the way you want it to. Sorry if that sounds too negative to you but that's just the way it is. The religious topic will remain here for true questions, not ones designed to hold sermon, push an agenda or tell people to read the bible or follow some God belonging to some religion.

    Nothing wrong with religious biblical questions it is the shoving, bashing, trying in the most horrid ways to get everyone to believe the same as you which Jesus did not even do keep that in mind quit shoving and bashing that is the problem.

    "" Why start on religion? No one bashes anyone, but I've certainly read some disgusting stuff put out by the so-called good religious ones on this site. Leave your religion on the doorstep of this site.


    you have 'seen some'. Now if that is not bashing what is it?

    Have you had a brain explosion? When someone puts out disgusting stuff and I mean backsniping, it is awful. Being religious is great, but when it gets personal, there is nothing religious about it.

    Why do you come up with a "subject that annoys people .I respect people who believe in religion "BUT not to try and convert others who dont like me I am a Atheist so go back to sleep. silly question .They call that "Shit stirring"  


    "DITTO" for me Dowsa.Well said.

    I agree.

    dowsa, why should you respond to such annoying questions? This forum is for you and many others. The question has not named ANY RELIGION- it is a general question that needs to be addressed so we can understand one another better. No one should say my religion is better than yours. And if you don't believe in a religion, that is fine too- to judge is not our job! .

    Some religions need to be more than bashed.

    Sawali, you are more than likely living right down the street from me.  If you are my neighbour you know that all religion is respected including all the people from all over the world.  You are not being targeted especially not from me.

    Have some fun.  Laugh a little.  It's all good. :)

    Can you cite any examples?


    digger, you are not new. Read comment about Islam, muslims, christians and others. Perhaps visiting the religion category may be of help.

    I'm not new but not as regular as some. I don't recall reading any instigating bashing. Perhaps you're too sensitive.

    digger, No I am not sensitive- on the contrary. However, i like people to freely express themselves. By doing so one is open to get educated on issues and opinions of others.

    You still haven't answered my question.

    You started the sh!!!!!

    As far s I know hate is still legal as long as you don't threaten the people you hate. I hate the Muslim religion because of the warped beliefs of illiterate mongrels who can not differentiate between common human decency and evil. You will eventually implode. Nothing so evil can exist very long. Can't wait till you all have your rivers of honey and 72 virgins. To hell with you all.

    Muslims, don't bother responding. I will not waste my fingerprints on the key pad responding to your rant.

    YES ! YES ! YES !

    I would have agreed till i learned about the muslem faith.

    No :). Any religion in its unbiased form and untranslated form promulgates peace. Any religion should not promote, murder, for example,and it is the modified version of the religion that does so, and it is invariably through a "prophet". Not a great bible basher but  there is talk of "False prophets". Mathew 7:15 "Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)

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