Chester went to heaven on 12/1/11 this is not a question , just a notice

    Our beloved Chester 


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    I am so sorry everyone. Chester was our beloved mini-dachshund (dabbled). It was my fault for not beeing specific. In my confusion and grief, I forgot to mention he was the smartest and most loveable dog. So sorry everyone.

    I'm so sorry I was mistaken about Chester being a cat. I've corrected my mistake. My condolences again for your loss.

    Thank you so much for putting the picture up for me. It was my fault for not posting that Chester was a dog. Just seeing his picture is so emotional for me. Love you, Colleen.

    Colleen thank you soooo much for putting Chester on site for Ann you a Darlin thanks again xxxx

    Ann what A handsome boy Chester I love his nose it looks like it is stuck on like a bears! xxxx

    Mel, thank you. He sure always looked like a boy. His nose is funny, I agree..

    What a cute little dog. I love his nose. :)

    He was an absolutely beautiful boy Ann. Look at that shiny coat. I know you miss him dearly.

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    Love to you both ""


    Thank you Colleen, these pictures are so beautiful. I know he is in peace and went over the rainbow bridge, where he is well again and happy and waiting for us there.

    That he is Ann. Time for him will go faster than our time so he won't be waiting long. He will be the young and full of play Chester again when you see him next :)

    Colleen that is so thoughtful of you thank you so much I have tears in my eyes reading this you are a sweetheart love as always mel xxx

    I am so sorry for your loss, Ann. I know how much this hurts. Our sweet Moochie kitty died in my husband's arms on New Year's Day 2 years ago. You never stop missing them. I know you did everything for Chester that you could but he is now in kitty heaven. He is no longer in pain and is now at peace.


    Winfia, it was very hard to let go. We are still looking for him when we come home. I am sorry about your kitty too. Misty, our cat died in my arms 3 years ago too. It breaks your heart.

    Sorry to hear this Ann,i am sure Chester had a wonderful life with someone as caring as you.


    Thank you so much pythonlover. Chester brought so much joy and love into our lives. We feel emty and lost without him

    I am sad for your loss, energy goes on and on.


    That it does.

    Ann; I am so sorry for your loss.  What a beautiful little dog.  I have lost two best friend dogs in my life and I know how much it hurts.  When my first dog passed away I actually had to speak with a grief specialist because I couldn't get beyond the pain and could not understand why this loss hurt so much more than any other.  She asked me one thing, "Who did you spend the most time with?" 

    I just loved that dog and the next one and these two beasts at my feet.

    It is very hard to loose a pet you love so much.  Your best friend.

    I can honestly say, that I am crying with you.

    xoxox Fishgirl


    Chester went everywhere with me, even to Drs. appointments and grocery shopping. It was painful to have to let him go. As you went through it yourself, you know that pain of losing them is the same, if not greater than losing a family member. I am so sorry about your best friends passing, It is something that only some one else can understand that has been through it.Its the presence of great love and devotion that is missed when they are gone.We just could not see him suffer any longer. He told us he was ready to leave to go over the Rainbow Bridge. We had to help him get there, even though it was so painful for us. We can still feel his precence everywhere. Thank you fishy for explaining why his leaving is hurting so much more than any other. Now know. Love to you and your family and your animals.

    Bless your heart ANN as well as CHESTER i know what it's like to lose a loved one , we lost 2 cats over the last few years indeed it hurts ..all my love daren.


    Yes daren 1, it hurts deeply. Animals are our best friends..

    I was trying to send a picture of Chester, but it did not work. After 1 year and three month, with renal failure we had to make the heartbraking decision to put him to sleep. We tried everything possible to slow down the disease, but beginning in November, he started to eat very little and finally ate nothing at all. We took him to a cardiologist and an interist and the interist told us, that nothing could be done for him any more. That was a roundtrip of 120 Miles and we cried all the way home. We took him to the Vet the next day at 4 pm and amidst all our tears, and the Vets tears, he went very peacefully into another dimension . He left his footprints in our hearts forever. We miss him so much, but know that some day we will be reunited again in heaven.


    Ann, if you can, e-mail me the picture of Chester and I'll add it here. great big (((hug))) to you.

    Oh, Ann, what a beautiful dog!  Dachshunds are my favorite breed.  So smart, sweet, and devoted to their person; I read once that dachshunds take a dim view of people who do not drop food from their plates when they are eating.  
    Chester looks like a beautiful dog, and you obviously gave him the best care and loved him every minute of his life.  As hard as it is to euthanize a pet, you know that you gave him release from the pain and illnesses he was experiencing.  
    Keep smiling as you remember the fun you had with Chester; blessings & my sincere sympathy (I still miss my doxie, Ernie, who died in December, 1988.) 


    Thank you Bob. You are right about Dachshunds, beeing smart and sweet and devoted. He was all that and more. You are also right about begging for food while we ate. I am sorry about your Ernie. It is the hardest thing to have to part. We have nothing but wonderful memories of him and we had to do what was best for him. But we still miss him, and for a long time to come.

    Ann I am so sorry for your loss of Chester I do hope he is playing in Cat heaven and met up with all my cats and playing.... Ann please email Colleen with the Pic of Chester as I would Love to see him! as they say.... cats walk all over me and leave Paw prints On My Heart ! and how true is that! you have given him the best life possible he was a lucky little boy and you were lucky to have him! you both gave love to each other love as always Mel xxx


    Mel, his death has left us so empty and sad. He was a mini-dachshund {dabbled} and so smart. He was our little Baby who went everywhere with us. It was the last 5 weeks, that we were desperatly trying to save his life, but it was not to be, His precence is still everywhere with us. He had breathing problems and did not eat. He lost a total of 11 pounds and was a rack of bones. I fed him with a Turkey baster, but could not get him to eat more than 3 tablespoons a day.We had to what was best for Chester and end his suffering.I know he will be whole again when he walked over the Rainbow Bridge and will be waiting there for us. I take his Blanket to sleep with me every night and I can still smell his scent. We are not getting his ashes until Wednesday and it will have a special place on the mantel of the fireplace.We still burn a candle every night and say a prayer. We were so lucky to have been part of his short life and miss him desperately.My daughter has E-mailed a picture of Chester to Colleen. I wonder if it worked. I am sure Colleen will let me know. I hope your Mom is getting better every day. Let us know how she is doing. With lots of love and prayers for you both and your Mom, Ann

    Ann I know how you feel its aufull and there is no pain like it and sadly to say its time it will heal but you will never for get this little boy ever and dont you worry he will be waiting for you at the rainbow bridge with his tail wagging and bouncing around I know I slept with My lucy blanket and still do and she was put to sleep in march with pennie we decided that they should go to gether as they spent 6 months being ill together it was so hard to come to that deceision and then having them put to sleep we called the vet to the house as I didnt want them to get stressed and now its snowing and they are buired in he garden and I know its stupid I keep thinking its cold.....Ann my heart goes out to you and if I could ease the pain I would for you and your Husband...My Mom is sooo much better I spoke to her on Saturday and she is feeling alot better in her selve thank you for the preyers and the thoughts you take care Ann please love as always Mel xxx

    Mel, in his last two weeks he wanted to be by the sliding glass door. I put his bed there and covered him with a blanked. He watched the squirrels and some birds feeding. But he would get up and walk to the door to go to the bathroom at least 3-4 times a day. I carried him and put him on the grass, When he was done, I carried him inside, because he was so out of breath. He never once messed in the house.on his last day around 1 pm he got up, looked at me and let out a weak bark. I went to him and our cat Chewy was outside the door wanting to come in. Chester wanted to tell me to let chewy inside. He was extremely sick by then, but he still worried about the cat.Thats how he always was. Always worried about the other animals in the house.My cat Molly died 3 years ago too and I know how you feel having to put 2 to sleep at the same time.Sometimes the grief never seems to end. I believe animals know long before we do, that theire time has come, but hang on, because they sense our pain and dispair.I still have Charlie, a Lhapso Apso. He is probably 14 yrs. old and blind in both eyes. No one knows where he came from, when my son picked him up in the Humane Society 8 years ago. He is a love and so gentle. ,I am so happy, that you Mom is doing so well. You all will have a wonderful Christmas together. As always. with love to you all, Ann

    Ann Chester soundes such a lovely animal as you say always caring for the other animals he sounds like our Henry always trying to nanny everything in site that includs real mice never wanted to hurt them just mother them... he will be blessed I am sure of it... has any of the other animals misssing him yet! as you say they are soooo clever they know when its thier time to go its us who cant let go Ann you and your family and the rest of the animals have a good Christmas as always love to you Mel xxxx

    I'm so sorry you lost your little dog I lost my dog this year too. It just breaks your heart. Maybe our dogs will meet and become running buddies.  My thoughts are with you!


    I am sorry about your dog also.You are right, it breaks our hearts. I am convinced they are all playing together over the Rainbow Bridge, while we are still mourning theire departure with tears and remembering the unconditianal love they gave us for a too short of time. heart goes out to you .its family your "baby .A four legged friend is for life and love ,devoted to its loved ones .Long live Chester in his new "World.


    Dowsa, I have through this many times with all my animals, but it never gets easier and the pain is as great or greater as it was 3 yrs ago when my cat Molly died. Death is part of all of us. Thanks so much for your kind and caring words.Love, Ann

    Its hard to lose a pet that wants to be in your life , and to please you. Lucky dog. Thanks for pictures.


    Through it all we have each learned and loved and did the best we knew how. Chester truly was a Gift.

    If it should be that I grow weak, and pain should keep me from my sleep , then you must do what must be done. You will be sad - I understand, don,t let your grief then stay your hand, for this day more than all the rest , your love for me will stand the test, we,ve had so many happy years,what is to come shall hold no fears , you,d not want me to suffer so,the time has come please let me go, take me where my needs they,ll tend, and please stay with me till the end,hold me firm and speak to me,until my eyes no longer see. I know in time that you will see the kindness that you did for me, although my tail its last has waved, from pain and suffering I,ve been saved, please do not grieve it must be you who has this painful thing to do,we,ve been close we two for years, don,t let your heart hold back its tears.


    You bastard ROMOS, you made an old man cry.
    I had the most fantastic Rottweiler girl and when I had to get her put to sleep I held her, thanked her for all the games of "stick" and the walks.
    I played her favourite music CD.
    I had her cremated and when the ashes were returned that poem you sent was given to me by the cremation home, this was 12 years ago but I still miss her and the poem reminded me just how much.
    Jedda rests in a large earthen ware pot at the front of my house.

    Know exactly how you feel mate,I shed a few tears whilst copying it last night,I got it given to me in a pub in my town, I was drowning my sorrows after saying goodbye to my ( OLD MAN )15yr old "Juba" my best mate. That was 12yrs ago, I,ve lost another two pals since then,think of them all constantly, lump in throat, time for a coffee.

    As I am reading this, I am crying a river. We often think of death as something to fear. Yet in the end it comes to all of us.We have forgotten , just how mysterious life truly is.The grief over the death of an animal is as great, many times even greater than the death of a friend or relative.When we think of the past and the beautiful times together, we have to have faith, that Life is always brings such beauty our way.

    Sorry for your loss.


    Thank you Randy. He meant everything to us.

    Ann I am so sad and sorry for your great loss.  I know you are heartbroken if you have never read it goggle the poem Rainbow Bridge.  All my hugs from me and Oliver and wish I could take away your tears and pain, again I am truly truly sorry.  


    Yes I have read the poem and it is so beautiful and chester will be waiting there for us. The tears have not stopped flowing. He will be forever in our hearts. Lots of love and prayers for you and Oliver, Ann

    I am glad you have read that poem Ann it is a beautiful poem. I wish I could send you a big hug and my shoulder to lend for to just support you and cry with you because I truly understand your pain and loss. You have always been so very kind to me and you have always encouraged me and prayed for Oliver and you just do not know how much that means to me. Do not know if you would want to or not, but if you could post a pic of Chester would love to see one, but I know that right now all that is too very painful. Again, I am truly truly sorry and please accept my deepest regrets and heartfelt sympathy even though I know that does not ease your pain. Thank you again for always being encouragement to me I hope I can do the same for you.

    Ann, I'm so sorry that Chester has passed away.  I hope you have many fond memories of him.  I know you were a great "Mom" for him.  Regards/yvonne57


    He was made out of pure love for everything and everyone.It is so hard to let go.

    A poem for Ann

    With Chester gone,

    whose eyes to compare to the morning sun?

    Not that I did

    But I do now that he's gone. -- Mari Evans


    My Golden left us many years ago. Her name was Annie. This was her poem too. Just change a couple of words. So darn difficult. I thought I'd gone crazy with the grief. I wish you and your family the best. 



    Itsme, more tears. That poem is so fitting for Chester. We loved everything about him. we miss him desperatly, but also know, that we did the right thing for him.He will be waiting for us over the rainbow bridge. With love, Ann

    Ann God bless your heart and Chester and all the souls that keep us all going! LOL


    Chester is in a better place. We will miss him for a long time to come. Thanks Tabber. Love Ann

    Ann I had to put my most gentle lovable Rottweiler, Jedda, to sleep almost 11 years ago and i still "well up" thinking of her.

    I love your "Rainbow Bridge" as it ties in with my hope that when our dogs die they go to the "Rainbow Shore" and are well again.

    When we die we go there also and every dog we have ever loved is waiting, bloody hell I must stock up on poo bags if all mine are there.

    You then spend eternity playing and walking along endless miles of beautiful golden sand with soft blue water lapping the shore, this is the Golden Shore""""


    You too know the pain of losing your best friend, It is overwheming.These pictures tell a story of beauty, serenity and peace. It could very well be part of the other side of the Rainbow Bridge where all our animals play together and are waiting for us to walk side by side along the Golden Shores forever.How wonderful that would be!

    What a lot of sentimental so and so`s are we.
    I feel sadness for people who have never felt the love of a dog, and feel it you do, in so many ways.
    No matter be you fat, skinny, beautiful or ugly as sin your dog doesn`t care. They love you more than words can ever explain.
    My current girl is 12 yrs old and I dread her passing which I know must come. Knowing does not make it easier but I just hope I have a few more years with her.

    Yes we are a sentimental lot and rightfully so. Those who never had an animal, will never know the special love and devotion, that an animal can bring into theire lives
    When your "girl is ready to leave, she will let you know. Dogs are far more intuitive than humans.
    She has quite a few more years left to go.She has the best live there is, lots of love and long walks along the Golden Shores

    so sorry to hear about Chester, I know you will miss him dearly


    It is hard. I was closer to him than any one else in my family, because I was always here with him and we did everything together.He is no longer suffering. He has taught us so much about love and tolerance and devotion.We ill never forget him and and the day will come, that we will be together again. Lamshank thank you for your kind words. It means so much to me.

    Thank you lambshank. We will never forget him.

    When a faithful friend goes we loose part of ourselves. x


    You are so right, Thank you so much.

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