your partner spends three to four days away?

    your partener spends three to four days away?

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    No, she doesn't.

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    Is he a mormon? Maybe he has another wife somewhere.

    IF mine was gone that much then, I'd make it 7 and permanently.


    just so funny.


    Enjoy the peace and quiet

    Yes she does, BUT, someone has to put food on the table.

    Next time they leave change the door locks and phone number.

    Im slightly envious actually.......


    You wish then?

    I wish I had one to miss.

    Thats being gone more than half the time ? Arent you worth more than that ? This stinks and you are playing second fiddle to something . Do you think there are do overs in life ? Can you just call up and order more days because you wasted these ? This is a alarm bell and you are sitting in the wreckage of a relationship hoping that it will get better .Personally I dont think so .Do as you wish . See what the others think ,maybe you get better advise .         Bill


    Needin a manhug bluesman,it,s all yours!

    Bamuse, why is your partner gone so much?  Does the job take him/her out of town?  Are they having an affair.  Are they married?  I need a bit more information before I can answer you properly.

    Hi Romos,just not convinced im really where i want to be at the moment....

    Bamuse - like Yvonne57 I  need some information here - what's the deal? or what's the big deal? 

    count your blessings it could be months..

    many thanks dopey;couple of months ago i was a contented happy singleton.Since i got involved with this chap in some ways its as if my lovely little life has imploded.Im sure im better off on my own

    I made a mistake earlier,im not slighty envious,extremely is a better word


    leosmami - so sorry to hear this - hope life gets better for you.

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