Pretty straight-forward question. You may not have decorations or ornaments for Christmas, but something you treasure for another holiday.  
    What's your favorite and what's the story behind it? 

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    My favorite ornaments are the gold metal snowflake photo ornaments I have of my sons. I have one for each year through age 18 for each of the three. (I've mentioned this elsewhere, so won't elaborate here)

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    I collect glass ornaments in nines (Don't ask me why... it's just one of those quirky things)... My sister thought this was a wonderful thing (Don't ask me why... it's just one of those quirky things).  My sister took all things on with the greatest of enthusiasm... in 'Quest Like' fashion (You are now thinking, "Those two women had nothing in common").

    I have a gigantic collection of hand blown or otherwise glass ornaments in sets of nine.  They are truly beautiful... I hang brushed gold bells with them.  Lovely.... Of course this happens on the even years... odd years get the Brothel Tree!


    fish girl, those ornaments sound beautiful

    Your tree has to be one of the most beautiful in all of Western Canada! Your sister will probably not stop building your collection until you need a tree that won't stand upright in your home! :D

    My sister passed away so these ornaments are very special to me.

    very pretty,, now explain the brothel tree

    fish girl, I'm sad to hear your sister is gone. I've one sister and we are not close, but I sure don't want to lose her. You are too young to have lost a sister. Those beautiful ornaments are a lovely reminder of her.

    I am very young to be the only child left. I had two sisters. These ornaments mean the world to me...Two months before my sister passed away she gave me the most amazing glass ornaments (9) and since she passed I can't bring myself to put them on the tree. Next year is an even... I will try then.

    Enough sadness... on to the brothel tree!

    When my husband and I bought this house it had room for a gigantic tree and so with the best of intentions and "Woot!... It is Christmas!" we bought the largest tree we could find... funny and then... "Oh my goodness... we have 6 macaroni noodle ornaments and one elf." Off to the stores we travel with an idea in mind (I, at the time was in a very serious RED phase... artists do that... go through colours. Red lights, Red bobbles, gold (This is where my lovely husband chimed in!)... icicles...
    Me!...(not to be left out) bells.
    Lovely husband...Red celebration (Mardi Gras type string bead thing-a-ma-things).
    Me again... red glass birds (this is where the glass ornament thing began...even had to special order six of them).
    Lovely husband...decorates the tree in stages as enthusiastic Moi keeps on purchasing RED things specifically.
    The decorating of the tree took about ten days and then finally we turned on the lights.
    The two of us stared in awe ... silence ... and words came out of my mouth as if I was in a state of saving our lives... "Honey, close the blinds... this is a Brothel tree." ... and then our company, which we were expecting knocked on the front door.

    fish girl i love that!

    I have a collection of sea shell ornaments, some that I crafted 15 years ago............


    Very cool! Handmade by you is the best (along with the ones the kids made way back when). Are they of particular shapes or "free-form"? Did you find or purchase the shells? Make up your own patterns or follow instructions?

    My mom taught me this: wrap any sea shell with foil (shiny side out) and rub the foil with a wooden stick (I use a piece of cloths pin). It will take on a look as if it was dipped in silver....Hot glue a ribbon to hang them. I also have sand dollars with ribbon for hanging....

    Very Cool!

    What a neat idea. I'll be trying that for sure.

    I like the ones my kids made when they were young! Little funny looking gingerbread cooky ornaments. A couple really old metal icyicles from my grandma. My grandma never had electric service at her house Yet the tree was beautiful Always in the parlorThere were tiny candles that were lite on Christmas Eve. Thankfully we never burned the house down!


    How very beautiful the memory must be. The image your words gave me is one of warmth and a happy time. I love the stuff my kids made, too. My aunt had some of the shiny painted shapes (I think they're made of glass) which I seem to have inherited. The "heirlooms" that will hopefully be treasured by the next generation..

    mistletoe of coarse i get to kiss all the girls.. well at least one, my wife..


    You've a bit of a one-track mind at times LOL If you close your eyes, you can be kissing anyone you imagine.
    Yes, imagining your wife is your best choice.

    I collect stones and coloured glass stones and I make a out of concrete a stepping stone and put the coloured glass stones and stones that I have colected and they do look quite nice though they do take a day and half before they are fineshed I also collect shells if I am lucky to go to sea


    I have received stepping stones as gifts on two occasions and love the thought and time that went into each. What a fun hobby, with something unique created each time. Collecting the materials for them sounds like a fun time, too. Thanks, melandrupert

    thank you Bob/PKB yes its more fun in collecting them but I love to make different stepping stones but ZI get impatient waiting for the cement to go off but I am like a kid in the morning brushing off all the sand and seeing what it turns out like thank you for your comment xxx

    Bob/PKB, thanks, that may not be such a bad idea, it just doesn't feel like Christmas without anything and the bathroom is about the only room not being done (the bedrooms aren't either, but their full of lounge room furniture). I will never,ever do this again, would have been easier to move and buy something else!!


    I just want to give you the biggest hug and help you somehow get past all this stuff you are being buried under.

    Years ago, I lived in a home while renovating and I said exactly the same thing. It would have been easier to just move out and buy something else, but of course, then it's too late to stop. Dust and dirt and chaos and confusion throughout the place. I feel for you lambshank. It's awful!!

    My house is in a tip because of this monumental bathroom renovation...I feel your pain and in my case... I don't care. Bobbles and lights can go on top of the baskets filled with everyday stuff, pots and pans...."Augh! Leave that wall up!"
    Never going to happen. My husband is on a mission This is my reality for the next ten years.
    Have faith Lambie... You are not alone! Warriors of home renovations!

    I still love a christmas tree, I tend to colour theme it every year, I'm a bit disappointed this year as house renovations have made it impossible to do anything at all ( apart from work) The only other things as far as ornaments go I like  is sea shells that I have collected since I was young and raised near the beach.


    Oh my, the house torn apart with renovations and a job that requires the strength of WWF or MMA to endure. No wonder you are exhausted.
    Perhaps in your bathroom, you would find a space to place something to bring you holiday cheer? That sounds trite, though sometimes the smallest thing can bring the biggest smile.

    lambshank, fabulous!!!

    Due to my last name (Angel),it's all about angels,my mom had a lot of glass and stone angels with us kids birth months on them and now I have the same in my home...minus the birth months because I never had any kids of my own.


    Your home must be heavenly at holiday time. I love that your mom collected angels for all of you throughout your childhoods. Each one has a story and together they represent a mother's love. :D
    I think you would have been a very cool dad.

    ClevelandRick - me too - I have so many angels.

    Back to the unique thing in the wallet.... does Ohio simply make card-sized birth certificates? Mine is 8 1/2 x 11 (or more). How many other people are out there carrying around their birth certificates!??
    Are you liking the new job? Hoping things are mellowing at home.

    No Ohio does'nt make them that way,my mom got it made up for me years ago because she knows how I lose things,and the job was'nt going to pan out because it would be on a on call bases,and I would have only gotten a few hours a week and that would have messed up my unemployment so I did'nt take it,so I'm back to looking.I better find something soon or I will be out in the street,my unemployment won't last much longer,I'm still trying tho.

    Bob/PKB, I appreciate it and if I lived closer I guarantee I would be around to visit for that hug!



    Do you do something special with holly; garland, wreath, etc. ????

    i love the color of holly and drape it.

    Bob/PKB thank you first.  I have always loved photography.  Actually, I have been taking pictures since i was a teen ager.  Generally I give albums of people that I have taken picture of at events.  Last year I made Calendars of some of my friend's that I had taken pictures of thur the year, and gave them as gifts. I am a student of the world. Glad you noticed.  I hang my Santas on the tree. I hang angels on the tree.  I hang funny looking people on the tree. 


    I adore you! You are just COOL BEANS.

    I have santa ornaments that are different nationalities, white santas, chinese, black, blond.  I love vases and beautiful bottles. for holloween i like witches that smile. i also like ornaments of people that have different expressions on their face.  i am a people person.  i worked at stanford university as an artist/typesetter.  everybody had a cubicle.  my best friend had all kinds of pigs and hippo's  another co-worker had all cats (pictures, statues etc.)  somebody else had whales.  I had all pictures of people.  people are more interesting to me than anything.  And i love Art.  The pictures that i do hang on my walls are of people and maybe some flowers.  I love flowers, especially roses. I love to look at things that are beautiful.  That includes people, places and things.  Must note, all people have their own beauty.


    What a student of the world you are, tabber. You have just the best eclectic variety of collections! Do you hang the Santas on the tree or have them in a special display? DO YOU ENJOY PHOTOGRAPHY?

    I have one tree that I only put swan ornaments on. This is my special tree. I have collected swans since the early 70s and I especially love swan ornaments.


    How beautiful! I am picturing much crystal, shimmering in the lights.

    Yup - but lots of other materials also - like wood, metal, even cloth!

    My Aunt collect Angels, I collect glass ornaments and you collect swans ... I love this part of life ... the little things that make us unique and special.

    I started collecting swans in the late 60s. I don't buy them any more unless they are really unique. I have 2 lighted bookshelves with smoked glass doors in the living room that are full of them. The swan tree ornaments get packed up every year.

    Bob/BKP thank you for asking this question.  I love all these Christmas stories!

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