I can feel the holiday spirit creeping in. Has it hit you yet?

    ...or how many questions can I ask in a row!  Stopping now before I get into trouble!

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    It will take another week or two of Dec. before I get the spirit and drag out decorations.....


    It has just hit me... Let the insanity begin!
    Ho and Holly!... To yooooouuuuuuu!

    The desire for the holiday spirit is upon me.  The actual spirit hasn't penetrated.  I'm working on an  acrylic painted Christmas card.  Yesterday I tried to copy a painting done by a quadrapelegic  who paints with his mouth.  His painting was adorable.  Mine did not turn out well.  I'm working on something else now.......
    The spirit is close.....gotta get past my mom's 93rd surprise birthday party (theme: casino) this Sunday.   :D 


    I hope she has a nice day... 93. Oh my goodness! I have an Aunt who is 97. Her house was always freezing cold and so I attribute her long life to living in a refrigerator for 85 of those 97 years. Monumentally chilly home....on so many levels.

    :( Most old people are always turning up the heat! What a pity to be a frosty soul; she missed out. My mom is "different".....she is arrogant and not a "warm" person, but she is a fault. I hope she will be a gracious guest of honor. That's a big IF...

    Mothers are curious creatures. My Mom changed about five years ago. I think, now looking back, it was incremental and it took me a while to notice. She is so much fun to be around these days. Not always the case... nooooo!
    I am sure my two girls think I am a nut... Oh well! :)

    like a ton of bricks or maybe thats santa trying to fit down the chimney..


    We don't have chimneys here, very rare animal.

    I can't say it has fish girl,the reason being, here in Australia we are into our first month of summer and it has been quite cold,(well Sydney has been).I am used to the festive season being hot,feels like i am still in winter.


    Isn't it just. I just read that out of the next 28 days 26 will be wet.

    We are supposed to attend a wedding in Tassie. Can you imagine how cold it's going to be down there?

    Yeah something is creeping in all right but do not think it is the holiday spirit around here at my home .......


    Ho Ho Ho... you are funny!

    Glad you think so not feeling too funny though no harm intended though.

    it is getting there,but i still love the fall season.

    James and I got the tree up last night and it is beautiful, I guess I'm feeling Christmasie....

    Here in Ohio, we usually have had a snow by now, so far has rained 5-6 day a week for month or longer. Come snow


    I like your new outfit Randy... Please do you and your cranium in a Santa outfit for Chirstmas... fun! Happy Holly Ho Ho Ho! You look great in red. :)
    Headless Man

    May try

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