Shopping on line is seriously convenient. Have you tried it?

    Ho Ho Ho!

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    Great question, Ms Fish!

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    I LOVE shopping on line.  Stores are out for serious shopping when a person rides the bus and the stop is 1/2 a mile from home.........


    Half a mile with packages is forever and a day!

    ... and for me, when we're at the cabin (which is our home base), my trip to shopping is 20 miles each way.

    Twenty miles! Now your heartrate is cooking!

    Amazon delivers books to my son at the county jail.  EASY
    PBA sent me a shirt.   EASY
    Couple others I've used.   EASY
     I do enjoy going to the stores, though. 


    I am thinking I may never walk into a store again. It started me wondering about trends. I tend to be slightly ahead of the norm... could it be that malls are heading into tough times?
    Down Town shopping is a tough go in many cities in Western Canada... is this the case where you are?

    My OL gets Amazon books on Kindle and has over 100 books now and reading furiously. I would like to buy more over the net and have it delivered to a location where I can pick it up easy. The shipping of stuff isn’t cheap so I’d like to see lower shipping and handling charges based on group purchases. Its an old way of shipping but it gets the job done cheaply.

    Shipping can double the cost of items. I bought my PBA shirt for $10. The shipping was another $8. The shirt was originally $20+, so I sorta got a deal.....
    It would be nice for these companies would cut us a break on shipping.

    I have been lucky with free shipping on the items I have purchased for Christmas. I am buying for my Son and Grandchildren and so maybe they give you a bit of a break on that (To encourage more spending)...I also used promotion numbers... Happy Happy Ho Ho Ho! I am finished except for a few learning toys for the beautiful boy!

    Often if one spends enough, the shipping is free! Some of the malls have many empty favorite stores are gone! There are a couple of BIG malls and countless "mini-malls". Downtown Fresno is dead and has been for years. I go downtown to visit my son in the county jail. Yikes.

    I might go the the mall once a year, if I have to. Anything I need, I look in Good Will and Salvation Army first, then the discount stores. I rarely pay retail for anything. Make that NEVER pay retail ...

    I am a farmers market and buy locally shopper. I do like the on line shopping as I don't enjoy poking through racks of clothing looking for the right thing... spending all day out to be jossled around only to come home exhausted. Not my thing. I open the computer. Hit the button. Poke around. Choose and within days it is delivered to my door. Yay and I can get back to making pottery and playing with my son. Both much better uses of my time. I discovered this last Christmas. I am impressed.

    I research items on line but NEVER put my credit card number on line. I was the victim of identity theft three times in the last two years. No more, what a mess, close all accounts, new cards, new checks but luckily was reimbursed by my bank for a total of $4,200.00. The internet is not secure.


    So sorry to hear that. I am way too trusting. I've been lucky.

    A huge fear of mine. Had a card used fraudulently a couple of times on big ticket items....fortunately the companies had a policy to contact the cardholder to confirm the purchases before sending them out.
    "NO, I didn't order a 100" flat screen to be delivered to Houston, Texas."

    All the time it's the only real way to compare prices , if you know just what you want and even if you don't. Not to mention the gas you save as well as the hustle and bustle of sitting in traffic and dealing with crowds in  large dept. i can bring food and drink in any store i want..

    Yes, I have shopped online for several years now. I use paypal for secure shopping. I never pay retail and its usually free shipping when you buy a certain amount. We went to a Mall on Saturday, that is a 100 mile round tripp and it was horrid. People everywhere. I can find better prices on the internet.I also shop in second hand stores or Good  Will or Salvation Army, like Winfea.I have never been disappointed.

    How much more convenient is seriously convenient over standard convenient Fishgirl?

    Please answer when it is convenient for you to conveniently answer so if it is not convenient to answer do so when  it is seriously convenient that is if it more convenient for you when it is seriously convenient.


    You've been hitting the eggnog again, peoplelover! Everyone knows seriously convenient is way more convenient than convenient.

    You are correct. I should have said "Monumentally convenient" because it is. Yay and Happy Holly Ho Ho Ho!

    Two places I seriously shop #1 Amazon - I buy 95% of my books and media (used) through them. Cheaper and way more convenient than driving to the bookstore. I also shop at eBay, but not on a regular basis. I have never been disappointed  ... most recently I bought a brand new pair of winter boots that are worth $200 (I looked them up) and paid $57.00 plus shipping. Awesome!!!! There is also a website that I recently discovered that Goodwill runs. It's set up on the order of eBay. I bought a gorgeous old English framed print for $20. I have no idea what the value is; I just love it.

    Yes. In the States, going shopping at the wrong time and place can be dangerous. To wit, a woman in California maced 15 fellow shoppers at a dept. store so she could get to a "special" before them. People have been robbed at gunpoint and trampled.


    Oh my goodness! I now know I have the right approach!
    You are really funny ... just in case no one has told you that already!

    The convenience is great.I have used it a few times but!!!  BE CAREFUL!!.  There are a lot of nasty tricks going on out there.

    My son in law was seriously gipped on some computer parts that he bought online & I have heard about a million other stories about people who have been ripped off.

    Yes I buy on line sometimes but only use a creditcard that has a $1000.00 limit on it and the credit cards never gets used out side we got it for the Internet only ......I love buying on line

    I have bought books and exotic plants on the internet.

    You sending me a present Fish Girl?  LOL.


    I have some pottery left over from sales... send Colleen your address, she gives it to me and you will be the lucky recipient of something truly fantasique! I am not joking.
    My Aunt calls presents out of the blue "Happys" and you are the one!

    If you are really serious I would be most proud to own a piece of your handmade pottery that would be super super special to me.

    THIS ONE  wasn't meant to be funny; these events really did happen. I guess you're referring to many of my other posts. They are funny. Thanks!


    It's your delivery.... that comedic thing! :)

    Fish girl - don't even go there - I am surrounded by junk I have brought from the TV shopping channels - I just have to stop. I agree with you it is convenient. I buy CD's from Amazon.x 

    I love it; I do it often; lots of times shipping is free; sometimes no sales taxes; can place orders 24/7;  can compare prices between various on line vendors and to store prices and on and on...

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