what book is most useful for the expectant mother?

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    I had the pleasure of delivering babies during my career.  I agree that "What to expect when you are expecting" is an excellent book.  They also have one that walks you through the fist 2 years of a babies life.

    Get the book called,  '' What to Expect When You're Expecting ''


    This book was with me at all times! I obsessively read it through my pregnancy.

    I am sure someone will answer 'The Bible'.


    You just did....11 months ago. :)

    As a mother of two, the answer is none!!  no book can prepare you for motherhood, most books just cover the pregnancy but its the 18 years that follow you need to think about.  If your still pregnant sleep, get lots and lots of sleep and read about when they are older because once they are born you wont get time to read and if you do, you will probably only going to be playing catch up!

    Also think about how to look after you, maybe learn how to meditate or relaxation techniques, a good mum is one who looks after herself, your no good to your child if your falling apart!

    Most importantly listen to your instincts  the world will be full of people like me giving you advice when you don't want or need it.  Listen to yourself, you are the only person who knows yourself, your body and your child best!

    Congratulations, hope all goes the way you want it, and that your new family will be very happy!!

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